Saturday, November 29, 2014

My favorite newborn items

Newborn Favorites

1. SkipHop Pronto Changing Station: As a new mommy this changing station is a life saver. We have used this almost every time we have gone out as an easy place to change diapers. It fits easily in my diaper bag and has pockets that fit several diapers and wipes in them. You can use this as a little clutch if you don't want to take your entire diaper bag with you somewhere as well.

2. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle: I'm an okay swaddler, but I'll admit I'm not the best at it. This Halo Sleep Sack is the easiest of all the swaddles I've tried so far. It zips up so it's easy to change a diaper in the middle of the night and it keeps baby swaddled and cozy overnight.

3. Diaper Genie: Even though the diapers don't smell bad quite yet, the Diaper Genie is a must have. It condenses all the diapers and when the dirty diapers do start to smell I'll be even happier to have this!

4. Boppy and cover: When I was registering I debated what to register for when it came to nursing needs. Do you need the My  Breast Friend and the Boppy? My answer is no you don't. The Boppy has been perfect for nursing and also for holding a sleeping baby.

5. Nighty Night Owl Sound Machine: I had originally put a plain old white noise machine on my registry, but my sister in law got me this and I'm glad she did. Not only is it adorable, it has a sensor and very relaxing sounds that will play when your baby vocalizes. It also has a velcro strap that can be put on the railings of your baby's crib. We use this every day!

6. Nursing Scarf: I always wondered what I would do as far as nursing goes. I did not want one of those huge covers that looked like a tent. I wanted something simple, something comfortable and something light weight. Let me just say that buying these nursing scarves was one of the best things I did. I bought two different ones, one plain gray and one with a pattern and with all our frequent visitors it has become a staple item in my wardrobe. Aiden doesn't mind when I cover him with it because it is light weight and I can wear it out as a scarf and no one would ever know it has a dual purpose. I highly recommend these nursing scarves from Three Four Designs!

7. Aden+Anais Burpy Bib: These bibs are wonderful. They are a great material and I love the ones that snap. You can use them as a bib or a burp cloth which is especially nice for a baby like mine that like to spit up frequently. I snap these burpy bibs on him if he hasn't burped to save an outfit here and there.

8. Fisher Price My Little SnugaMonkey Rock 'n Play Sleeper: I can't say enough about this product. Aiden sleeps in this at all his nap times and for bed. It is cozy, easy to fold up and can fit anywhere. I have him sleep right by my bed so if he stirs in the middle of the night I can usually rock him back to sleep with one hand from bed so he and I both get to stay in bed a little longer. The Rock 'n Play Sleeper also has a vibrate feature which Aiden loves and it is slightly reclined so if he falls asleep after a feeding he won't spit up in his bed.

Another item I wish I had known about before registering is the brand new Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. It is basically co-sleeping in a safe way for Mom and baby. Here is a video of the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper in action. This truly looks like a dream. Have any of you heard of this or gotten it yet??

You can follow Halo products like the Sleep Sack or the Bassinest on social media here:

*I did receive a complimentary Halo Sleep Sack for my review, but all opinions are my own.


Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

I'm definitely coming back to your page when I'm expecting a wee one.... Maternity fashion, helpful've got it all right here!

Anne said...

An excellent list! By now I don't have to cart nearly as much baby gear when we go out, but I still always bring my pronto changing station! Love that you can use it as a clutch. And we loved the swaddler sleep sack too - it was the only way we could keep those little arms swaddled, which was a must with how dang cold it was last winter. We used to call Hendrik our little burrito when he was all bundled up in there... hard to believe he was ever that tiny :)

Rach said...

I love those diaper changing stations! I used one all the time with the little girl I nanny when she was a baby!

Also, I've never seen a Halo swaddle sack in person, but I love what I've seen online. I totally plan to invest in one of those someday! :)

So glad you are getting it all figured out, friend! :)

Stephanie said...

This is very helpful! I am trying to decide on a sound machine right now. Does the Nighty Night Owl run out of batteries quickly? That was my only concern when I looked at these.

Brenda Stevens said...

Those Aiden & Anais burp cloths are the best! They are the only ones that actually stay on my shoulder!

purpun said...

I love this post! I just finished up my newborn favourites post too. :)
I've never seen one of those nursing scarves before: they look amazing! I'm definitely adding one to my Christmas wish list.
We just bought a Summer SwaddleMe WrapSack yesterday (I think it's very close to the Halo swaddle sack). Josie napped in it well this morning and fingers crossed she sleeps well in it tonight! I love love love the zippered bottom for minimally disruptive diaper changes.