Friday, May 8, 2015

What I didn't know before becoming a Mom

Being Aiden's Mom has been so much more than I could have possibly imagined. Things have been unlocked inside of my heart and mind that I didn't know were there. I've learned so much about myself and truly believe I have changed for the better. It's no longer about me and I'm totally okay with that. I honestly couldn't have said that a year ago.
Before I was a Mom I didn't know what the heck to pack in a diaper bag besides the obvious, diapers. Now I know why it is always better to overpack plus my arms are way more toned now, which is nice.

I didn't know who in their right mind would want to suck their child's boogers with this mysterious thing called a Nose Frida.

I didn't like the idea of not being able to eat my food when it was piping hot and I was starving. This is still a struggle, but a content baby quickly wins out over my growling stomach.

I didn't understand the whole Mom alone at Target thing or the amazing thing about Starbucks or wine. I mean I love Starbucks and I love wine, but they aren't that instagram worthy...until you are alone with either one and then they are.

I didn't fully know or understand the importance of clothing with "easy access" when breast feeding. I also didn't know how awesome nursing bras or tank tops truly were.

I thought my friends who left places early to get home to feed their babies were exaggerating when they said their boobs hurt...really your boobs hurt? Hm okay. I totally know now that you were not kidding. Sorry Mom friends.
I didn't know how to buckle a small child into a carseat, then snap said carseat into a base let alone unsnap it or fold up a stroller to fit in the trunk of our Kia.

I didn't know how much free time I actually had until it was non-existent. I miss Netflix binging. 

I knew that I'd love my baby and probably enjoy our time together, but I had no idea how much.

I had no idea the joy and pride I would take in watching my son meet milestones. My voice gets all crazy high and I do this weird squeal thing when Aiden does something crazy like roll over or grip his toy without dropping it after 10 seconds. 

I didn't know anything about diaper creams, nipple creams, wipes, brands of diapers, etc. 

I didn't know that a baby bum could be so adorable.

I didn't know I would be that Mom. The Mom that sends pictures to everyone constantly and shows pictures of her son to anyone within ten feet. My poor volunteers at work. Really, Allison...didn't we just see a picture of Aiden in a bow tie last weekend? 

I had no idea how much time and energy went into breastfeeding and pumping and breastfeeding and pumping. On repeat all day everyday.

I never counted or kept track of anything by the number of weeks and didn't understand why anyone would. My baby is 27 weeks tomorrow by the way.
I am no expert on this whole motherhood thing and while there are so many things I have learned over the last 6 months, one of the biggest things I've taken away from this adventure is that there's always so much more to learn! Being a Mom is an always changing, never ending, absolutely crazy, totally amazing journey.
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there!
If this day is a tough day for you because you are missing your Mom or wanting so badly to become one yourself I pray that you can find comfort and trust that God has a plan and loves you so much.


purpun said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! My favourite saying is "My baby filled a void in my heart that I never knew existed." What a beautiful post. I agree with you on every single item.

Oh and you forgot baby nail clipping. Not even cat nail clipping prepared me for mastering this fine art 2-3x a week (for the next how many years?!).

Kayla MKOY said...

This is so so sweet, Allison! You're such a great mom and little Aiden is lucky to have you!!! I hardly have any free time now but I can't imagine being a mom, I'm sure you soak it up every time you get the chance! "Alone time at target" takes on a whole new meaning! ;)

According to Jax said...

Love this post!!! ....because well, this is how I feel right now! I don't know any of these things but I cant wait to learn and begin this "new life"!!! I will probably need to talk to you regarding feeding/pumping though - I have no idea how to manage that! :)

Erin LFF said...

So precious :) You are a wonderful Mom and I'd love watching you love on Aiden and I love seeing how much joy he brings you guys!! Every one of these photos is SO cute!

brittany @ g squared said...

All so true! Happy Mothers Day!

Brittany said...

Love this and your precious little guy! I hope you enjoyed your first Mother's Day, pretty girl! :)

sarah e said...

Such great notes for a not-yet-a-mom - thanks for sharing! I love hearing about your experiences, and of course, seeing pics of that little cutie!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

What a little chunk!! Those two shots of him in nothing but a diaper are adorbs! Look at all those precious rolls!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

I have been stalking your blog today sister and this post has made me cry the happiest ugly cry ever. You are such an amazing momma and doing an amazing job with that sweet boy. So proud of you!!! Thank you for sharing all of this.