Monday, April 18, 2016

An Aiden Update {17 Month Pictures}

Aiden is now 17 months old and counting. He is growing and changing so quickly and this age is too fun not to document so here are some things I want to remember about Aiden at this age...

My favorite things he says...
+ He calls milk "B".
+ WubbaNub is "Buh." When he can't find it, he has a little song he sings "Buh, where are you?"
+ He whispers "Love you" and my heart melts.
+ He always requests "More cookie"even with his mouth is still full of one.
+ Besides "Mama" his favorite saying is "Out".
+ When we go to the grocery store or see a big group of people he says, "Hi People!" (He is such an extrovert.)
+ If something impresses him he says, "Wow"
+ He knows the difference between train, tractor, truck and car and asks for them all by name.
+ He knows his directional words and if he wants you to join him somewhere, he will say "Up" and then push you toward his desired destination (usually the front door to go outside!)
+ He knows all his animal sounds including obscure ones like fish, turkey and woodpecker

I tried to count all the words that he knows yesterday and it's always growing. I got up to 50 words then got distracted. He has recently started stringing multiple words together. I love seeing how his mind is working right now! It's crazy!

My favorite things he does...
+ Gives kisses on demand
+ When he gets two of something (two cookies, two stuffed animals, two trucks, etc.) he proudly holds them both up in his hands above his head and gets the biggest smile on his face.
+ Sings the "Mama, Dada, Bubba, Yaya" song.
+ Holds my hair when he is tired or needs comfort (He just loves having me close, boy loves his Mama)
+ After I sing a song he will clap, say "Yay" and request "More song". I feel like a very accomplished and talented singer with all that praise. Haha.

Aiden's current favorites...
+ Thomas the train everything (We just signed up for A Day Out with Thomas and I can't wait to see Aiden's face light up when he actually sees and gets to ride on Thomas.)
+ Books! He is constantly bringing us books and telling us "Book, book, book!" He definitely has opinions about his books too. I will bring over a stack of books and he'll look at a book and say "yah" or "no."
+ Watching the Garbage truck collect our garbage
+ Anything and everything outside. Swinging, riding in the wagon, going on hikes...he could live outside. His current favorite thing is pushing toys up and down our neighbors driveways and letting them go at the top followed by him saying, "Weeeeee!"

Stats: (From his 15 month appointment)
+ Weight: 21 pounds
+ Height: 29 inches (Aw still my little peanut in the 10th percentile for height)
I can't believe I'll have a one and a half year old in just a few weeks. 
He is the light of my life and I am so happy he is mine.


Erin LFF said...

I love all these pictures, Allison!!! :) Can't believe you almost have a one and a half year old- how does time go so fast?! He is such a little smarty, love that he loves books so much, too.

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

What an adorable little guy! He's getting so big and he's so smart and you guys are just doing great. :)

Rach said...

He is so handsome! And what a smart little one!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Oh my WORD, these are adorable!

Brittany said...

I know you're tired of me saying it, but ughhh he's so precious! How can you even handle him whispering, "Love you?" I would die on the spot.