Thursday, July 14, 2016

Because some days are like that...

Some days...I wake up with tiny toes in my face.

Some days...I let my child run around wearing only his diaper because well...less laundry to do later.

Some days...I make a spectacle of myself trying to get my child to eat something. Anything.

Some days...I don't get out of my pajamas or shower.

Some days...I just give in and nap with my child.

Some days...I'm on my phone too much. I think it's my way of feeling connected to the outside world, but it is something I always feel guilty about and I'm setting some boundaries on for myself.

Some days...I try to plan out our entire day and then that blows up in my face.

Some can't see the rug in my family room because it is covered in a sea of Hot Wheel cars and trucks.

Some days...I look at my phone and realize we watched Elmo's Brushy Brush video 50+ times that day. And I actually enjoyed it each time. Whoa.

Some days...I have to go in to work and I spend my lunch scrolling through pictures and videos of my little guy and then I wish I was home with him.

Some days...I put way too much "Mom attire" in my online shopping cart. Oops.

Some days...I look in my child's closet and tear up thinking about having to clear out the closet of his next set of too small clothes.

Some days...Let's be real here, everyday, I pee with another set of eyes watching me.

Some days...An outing to Starbucks can turn my whole day's outlook around.

Some days...I look into my little guy's eyes and feel a love run through me so deeply that I would do anything to protect him.

Some days...we watch too much PBSKids because some days are just tough like that.

Some days...I feel like an amazing Mama and we go to the splashpark, have a picnic, eat ice cream, then I come home and do laundry, cook dinner, etc. But that is only some days.

Some days...I spend nap time feeling proud that I am making healthy foods that I just know my little guy will love, only to have him spit them out or throw them on the ground at mealtime.

Some days are hard, some days are just plain hilarious, some days are frustrating, some days are completely and utterly exhausting, but everyday I am thankful to be a Mama to my sweet boy who is growing up way too fast.


Brittany said...

He's seriously too cute. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to raise a child. I can barely take care of myself, but I know it'll be worth it someday!

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Preach! They are such special little people. <3

Susannah said...

Yes, yes, yes to all of this!

Rach said...

Love that every day comment at the end! :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This is absolute perfection. Such truth!

Erin LFF said...

I love this post so much Allison!!!! Most days right now I feel like a total mess, but EVERY day I feel that love run through me and I can't imagine my life without our little man.

Also- some days I want to be brave and come hang out with you and Aiden! ;)

The Lady Okie said...

Yes to being at work and scrolling through pictures of my little girl. I hate missing her so much! That picture of his feet is funny :) Cutie!

Unknown said...

Special special moments right there every single one of them. Treasure them & hold them tight!

Amy said...

i absolutely LOVE this post! it is truly honest and beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Oh girl! This is so sweet!