Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LuLaRoe Guide for the Pregnant Mama {+ random thoughts on getting dressed in the 3rd trimester}

If you can believe it, before last week, I had never put on any LuLaRoe clothing. And yes that includes their leggings. I had heard rave reviews, but since I am currently pregnant, I wondered how the sizing and fit would work for me. Thankfully, my friend Courtney is a LuLaRoe Stylist and she sent me a few items to try. Check out her LuLaRoe Facebook Shopping page here. She has great inventory and shows you how to put together LuLaRoe pieces in the most adorable and creative ways!

Now I have to pause for a second and talk about how hard it is to get yourself dressed when you are in your 3rd Trimester. I'm currently training my toddler to help me take my socks and shoes on and off. Mom of the year, right? But really, it just gets harder and harder to get dressed. So when I manage to get out of my PJ's, it better be into clothes that are equally comfortable. That is why LuLaRoe is a pregnant Mama's friend. Easy to wear and oh so comfortable. Trust the 30 week pregnant girl.

Here are a few pieces I highly recommend for anyone (even if you aren't pregnant). These pieces can be worn before, DURING and after pregnancy. WIN!

CARLY {DRESS}: If you are new to LuLaRoe, the Carly is a short sleeve swing dress. It is longer in the back and has a cute pocket detail on the front. It is light and easy to wear. It is also perfect for layering especially when you live in Ohio and you don't have a coat that zips over your belly. I am wearing a size XXS.

IRMA {SHIRT}: The Irma is a "high-low" tunic, making it perfect to wear with leggings because the back covers your booty. The sleeves are fitted and are mid-length. Let me also say that anytime a pregnant gal can fit into a shirt labeled XXS, it's a win.
LEGGINGS: I am accustomed to wearing maternity leggings 24/7 lately so I was really thinking that I'd be disappointed when I tried these LuLaRoe leggings on, but I wasn't. They are as soft as everyone claims and they aren't tight around the waist, which would be a huge problem for me right now. These are comparable to the comfort of maternity leggings, and if you've ever worn those you know that is a big deal. I love the color of these and the thickness. These might be a pair of leggings that my cats can't actually poke a hole through...we shall see.
So there you have it. Three LuLaRoe items that could benefit you during your pregnancy.

And for all of the nursing Mama's out there, I saw this trick that I really want to try. Take the Amelia dress and wear it backwards so that the zipper is now in the front. I saw Brooke White do it on her Insta story (@realbrookewhite) the other day so that means it's legit, right? I might have to find out for myself!

For inventory and styling tips, check out LuLaRoe Stylist Courtney's 


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I live in those leggings and irmas. The best.

Anne said...

You are so cute and cozy!

Erin LFF said...

So funny- I posted about my first LLR experience today, too. LOL! You look SO fantastic and I'm glad you love it because I am too! I only wish I'd had it while pregnant because you really can't get any comfier. You look so adorable, Allison! Been thinking about you lots and continually praying for a healthy momma and babe :)

Susannah said...

I'm going to a LuLaRoe popup in a few days and I'm GOING to get a few things! I'm glad to see they really do work with pregnant bellies like I've heard!

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

I just tried LuLaRoe for the first time last week too! Leggings and a Randy shirt and an Amelia dress BUT it was a little tight so I exchanged it and am waiting for the new one to come in the mail. I saw that zipper in the front truck and am excited to try it!