Monday, June 12, 2017

Aiden's Playlist

Aiden absolutely loves music and loves to dance. If he is sitting in his chair at meal time and a song he likes comes on, he says "get out and dance" and we literally have to unbuckle him and let him shimmy and shake until the song is over. If Aiden at age 2.5 created a playlist for himself, this is what it would be....

Track 1: "Happy" by Pharell
I wish you could see the look on Aiden's face when he hears this song. He immediately smiles and then starts to dance around the house.

Track 2: "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley
I have always been a worrier, but I don't want my kids to be. I sing this for myself and in the hope that they won't worry as much as I did growing up.

Track 3: "She'll Be Comin Round the Mountain"
He loves trains, so this became a quick favorite.

Track 4:"Linus and Lucy" Peanuts Characters Theme Song
My child has never seen an episode of Paw Patrol or whatever other show is popular with toddlers. He does however love watching Charlie Brown, especially when the Peanut gang dances.

Track 5: Humpty Dumpty
He is currently obsessed with reciting Nursery Rhymes. He quotes them all the time and this one is his favorite.

Track 6: "The Scary Song" original lyrics by me
One day out of nowhere as Aiden and I were singing together, he requested a scary song. I said I don't know any scary songs, but I can make one up. So I did. And it was an instant hit. 

Track 7: "Substitutiary Locomotion" Bedknobs and Broomsticks Soundtrack
What 2 year old loves this movie? Haha. Mine does. We introduced this movie to him after he watched and loved Mary Poppins. This song is one he acts out. We usually have to get out a pair of Drew's dress shoes for him to move around along with this song.

Track 8: "I love to laugh" Mary Poppins Soundtrack
I hope this song is one that always makes him smile. I sang this to him when he was little and now he sings it to me and we laugh obnoxiously together.

Track 9: Polar Express Theme Song
I think this last week was the first week since before Christmas that Aiden has not requested to watch Polar Express and drink hot chocolate.

Track 10: "Life is a Highway" Cars Soundtrack
He is obsessed with all the Cars movies (and all things cars in general) so he always taps his foot when this song comes on. 

Track 11: "Step in Time" Mary Poppins Soundtrack
This one is my all time favorite to watch him dance to. He jumps on chairs aka the chimney, rolls around, jumps up and down and kicks his legs along with the chimney sweeps. It is hilarious.

Track 12: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
A frequent bedtime song request and one of the first songs he ever learned to sing.

Track 13: "Jesus Loves Me"
He requests this song be sung to him before naps and before bedtime. It melts my heart.

What songs would be on your child's playlist?


Erin LFF said...

I think Aiden has great taste!! ;) And I think he and T would get along pretty well because T loves music and dancing too. Though his dancing is more like bopping up and down on his booty right now- haha!!

Amy - A Desert Girl said...

Ava and Aiden would totally jam together if they met. :) Great playlist!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I love this! What a fun idea to keep up with these favorites right now. :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This makes me so happy! Jack is just now starting to really love music and it makes me melt when he dances around!

Jen Mc said...

All excellent song choices! :)