Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Kids Are Superheroes

Sometimes I look at my kids and think how lucky they are and how easy they have it. They have their own personal chef (me), they get to take naps, they have tons of toys, people drive them around, they get to go to fun places, they have no real responsibilities and they are so loved and care free. But then I think from their perspective for a minute and life appears a little harder. They can't always communicate what they want, they are basically not in control of anything in their little lives even though they want so badly to be and they don't always understand what is going on in this big old world around them, which can be scary...basically they are tiny superheroes.

Well, they are my superheroes anyway.

Aiden age 3
Super powers include: endless amounts of energy, running away from his parents at lightning fast speed, the strength to fight naps at all costs, the ability to know when someone is sad and instantly make them feel better with a kiss, can gulp down a glass of milk right before your very eyes, has a brain that can remember facts and quotes at an amazing rate, brown eyes that will melt your heart and a laugh that is known to cause instant happiness.

Alder 9 months
Super powers include: Scaling the couch, crawling at top knotch speeds out of his mother's view, a teethy grin that will captivate you, eyes that will zone in on even the smallest crumb on the floor, a stomach that expands at alarming rates to hold food, laser beam focus on his brother and the things he most wants in life, ninja strong kicks when getting his diaper changed, but when you hold him in your arms your heart will melt and you will feel yourself becoming a calmer, happier person.

And so ends the most fun photo shoot ever.