Monday, January 22, 2018

Brotherly Love {The ONE year mark}

In one week, Alder turns one. That means I have been able to watch my boys interact together for a full year now. I remember this exact week last year. I was extremely pregnant and hormonal and extremely nervous about Aiden no longer being our one and only baby.
I know it's normal for most parents to have worries about the transition to two, but now it all seems silly...even though it wasn't silly at all at the time. It seems silly now because we didn't just bring another child into our house, we added another little person who is now and forever a part of US. A little one to love and to make memories with that we will all share. When Aiden looks back on his childhood, I hope that in his very favorite memories, that his brother is there too.

I remember Aiden first meeting Alder at the hospital. He was so observant and quiet. Then Alder started to cry. And Aiden's bottom lip went out and he started crying too. I will never forget that moment.
When we brought Alder home, Aiden immediately wanted to help. I vividly remember tiny newborn Alder in the swing and Aiden sitting at the edge of it just staring at him and gently pushing the swing back and forth. After a few minutes of this, Aiden got up, ran in Alder's nursery and started pulling out every single burp cloth and pacifier we owned from the drawers. He ran them out and put them all in the swing for Alder.
Aiden has always looked out for his baby brother and makes sure to keep tabs on him. One of his most frequently asked questions is "Where's Alder?" or "What's baby Alder doing?" And on the flip side, Alder is always looking for Aiden too. He gets this gigantic smile on his face when we go in to Aiden's room to say good morning. Also, he thinks his brother is hilarious...which he is.
From the start, Aiden has loved being close to Alder. He would crawl up in my lap whenever I would be nursing Alder (which was not really ideal, haha) or he would sit next to Alder while he was in his swing or bouncer and Alder has never seemed to mind. But the thing that I think I love most that Aiden still does to this day, is to touch the top of Alder's head.
Currently Aiden is attempting to teach his brother words. He also gives him lots of instructions like, "Listen baby, no hands in the potty" or "listen baby, don't eat catfood, it's gross..." Even though Alder is still small, they are already rough housing and then laughing about it (mostly). Hearing them laugh together is my absolute favorite sound on this planet and is something I hope they do a lot of together.

I'm so thankful for their relationship and I pray it continues to grow. I pray that even when they disagree about things (which they will) that they love each other through it.


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That little pat on the head. Oh my word.

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