Friday, August 3, 2018

Diaper Backpack Now Required

With my first baby, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to purchasing baby stuff. I relied on Lucie's List and the few friends who actually had babies before me. I bought a very basic diaper bag mostly because I liked the Chevron print and it worked just fine for us back in the days when we only had one child to cart around.

Fast forward to today and I now have two kids who both need their own compartments in the diaper bag. That makes a Diaper Backpack a requirement for us! About 6 months ago, we discovered this, but couldn't find any diaper backpacks that were big enough for us. I am a type A Mama who packs everything but the kitchen sink when we go out so my husband ended up ordering an actual travel backpack used for camping by Osprey and it has been our go to bag. It has done the job, but I haven't ever loved it. Mainly because it's big and bulky and not very cute (I can be so vain. Haha) So when Soho contacted me about trying out their new Kenneth Diaper Backpack, I gladly accepted.
You guys. Honestly when I got this in the mail, I thought to myself there is absolutely no way all our gear is going to fit in here. Well, I was wrong! When I started loading up the bag, I was pleasantly surprised by all the compartments inside. It was like Mary Poppins' carpet bag, things just kept fitting in it magically. It managed to hold everything that my former Osprey bag held and it is way more comfortable (and cute) to carry!
Want to know what I fit inside it? It has an outer pocket perfect for those things you need easy access to like hand sanitizer and boogie wipes, then it has an inner pocket with lots of compartments. I fit a wet bag, diapers/changing pad, a change of clothes for both boys, sunscreen, dinosaur figurines a small board book AND a bag full of snacks just in this pocket. Then there is a smaller compartment on top for your wallet and phone. Plus the back has an extra zipper pocket that I usually put some extra wipes in because I always need wipes. 
Other features I love about this bag:
  • The cup holders on the side are big. We use Contigo water bottles for the boys and we have one bottle that doesn't fit in any of our other backpacks. Happy to report, it fits in this one!
  • It is so comfortable and lightweight!
  • The fabric is splashproof! Big Mom win! 
  • This bag also comes with 5 more accessories...5! A changing pad, stroller straps (which I've never had before), a personal purse that I put my wallet and the kid's snacks in), a diaper bag dispenser (for those spur of the moment poopy diapers that you don't already have a bag for) and 30 refill bags.

*I was sent this backpack to review, but all opinions are my own and I highly recommend this bag!


Anne said...

Man, I never quite had the diaper bag situation figured out - but with one kid I could mostly get away with it, ha! But I did think at some point that I really should have opted for a backpack. This is a super cute version that looks really functional too. And also I have to add, we LOVED Peek-a-Who! :)

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