Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Club Love

About a year and a half ago a few of my "teacher friends" and I decided we should start our own book club. Being elementary teachers we all love to read so why not read together and talk about it? Maybe it is just the teacher in all of us that makes that sound like fun, but that's okay by me. We meet once a month at one of our houses and we call ourselves The Finer Things Club (yes it's from the Office if you pay attention to those small details). We have read some amazing books that I'll be sharing randomly, but one of my favorites we have read is called Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. They are making it into a movie as we speak so you should read the book before seeing the movie! Here's a link to the trailer if you are interested: Water for Elephants Trailer
The ladies of The Finer Things Club
One of the reasons I enjoyed the book so much was because the setting was at the Circus! To make our book club meetings fun we of course have food and this particular book club meeting we had themed food. Seriously what is better than circus food? We went all out and even ended up having a cotton candy maker! Read this book and let me know your thoughts.

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