Friday, February 18, 2011

Pioneer Woman comes to Cincy!

Pioneer Woman is coming to Cincinnati tonight....along with my dear friend Betsy! Betsy and her roommate Faith introduced me to Ree's website about a year and a half ago and I've been hooked ever since. It is only fitting that they be here with me when we meet her! Yay!  Confession: I went to Joseph Beth Booksellers (where she will be speaking tonight) earlier this week and tried to get each of us a letter to hold our spots in line. Well the cashier would only give me one.  I paced around the store trying to figure a way around the rule when I spotted a woman browsing through magazines. I mustered up the courage and asked this random woman to get a ticket and pass it along to me. I got super nervous and hid in the magazine section until she came back with another ticket. I am such a dork...and only I would be nervous about something so stupid. HA! It's okay I admit it.  Anyway...I'm so excited to meet Ree tonight and hang out with some wonderful girls as well!  Here's a recipe by Pioneer Woman that Betsy and I cooked together a month or two ago. Another delicious recipe!
Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich..
Beware: A LOT of butter is used in this recipe. But it is worth it!
Betsy and I

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