Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Candy Bark

You are never too old to dye Easter eggs and you are definitely never too old to devour lots and lots of Easter candy. This weekend I did both!

If your taste buds are getting is the recipe for Easter Candy Bark-
What you need:
*8 oz. milk chocolate chips
*8 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
*7 oz. Candy melts (I got mine at Michael's)
*Easter M&M's
*Robin's Eggs
*Mint Oreos
*Parchment paper

First-Add the chocolate chips together in a microwave safe bowl and melt. Pour melted chocolate chips onto parchment paper. I found an old heart shaped cake mold so I decided to be fancy, but if you don't have a cute cake mold just spread the chocolate out into an 8x8 square.
Second, melt the candy melts and place drops onto chocolate...get out a knife and drag the knife up and down and side to side to make the swirl pattern...this got me really excited. I felt like a professional...even though I definitely am not.
Third, add your favorite easter colored candies
Once you are satisfied with the amount of candy in your bark, carefully move the bark into the fridge. Let it harden for 1-2 hours. While you wait...dye some easter eggs and watch the classic move, Easter Parade with Fred Astaire.
Then take pictures of your awesomeness, break apart your bark and get ready for a sugar high!
I got the brilliant idea for Easter Candy Bark here.
Happy Easter!


Megan said...

I love dyeing Easter eggs! It's so magical!

Tatiana said...

It's so true that you can never be too old to take part in the Easter fun! I love all the eggs!

Married In Chicago said...

That candy bark looks delicious! Somehow I managed to stay away from all Easter candy this year, but this recipe is temping me! Your blog is so cute - I'm your newest follower :)