Monday, May 30, 2011

Taste of Cincinnati

Saturday night was the 32nd annual Taste of Cincinnati, which is now the longest running Culinary festival in the country. Cincinnati has some fabulous restaurants and all the award winning restaurants come out for Taste of Cincinnati. That hubby of mine and I went with our good friends Steph and Tad and we basically ate our way through the night and enjoyed every minute of it!
Food stop #1: Fish Tacos from Habanero Mexican Grill

Food Stop #2: Crispy Pad Thai Chicken from Bangkok Bistro
Food Stop #3: Brat in a pretzel bun and a Cream Puff from Mecklenburg Garden
Random side note...last year at the Taste I wore a brown flowy skirt and walked over a grate causing my skirt to fly above my head. Funny right? So this year we all enjoyed watching other girls with flowy skirts walk across the same grate and have the same thing happen. It made me feel less like an idiot. Haha. Here's a picture from last year after "the incident." Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


Tatiana said...

Now that's what I call having fun! All that food looks AMAZING! I would have LOVED IT there! I'm so glad you had a great time :-)

Whity Wife said...

love it! I was wearing a dress.... but it wasn't flowy... that didn't seem to matter- luckily i knew it was coming

The German place was my favorite of the night!!! I Had the met with sauerkraut on a pretzel bun... and it was to die for! I am finding where that place is!

Sam {} said...

looks like a blast! love the last pic with the skirt :)

Julie {love, julie} said...

hahaha very Marylin Monroe of you :) Looks like a lot of fun!!

brittni said...

That looks so fun! and you look lovely :) thanks for the suggestions about NYC! :)