Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goodbye May, Hello June!

Source: via Allison on Pinterest
I have always been partial to the month of June...probably due to the fact that it is the month of my birth and I start counting down the days until my birthday as soon as June 1st hits, but there are so many other reasons I am happy to finally see the month of June!
June is the end of school.
June is the kick off to summer.
June is bonfires and star gazing.
June is the birthday month of my best friend, my sister-in-law and my grandpa.
June is kicking off my summer reading list.
June is when being crafty is my full time job.
June is cookouts & corn on the cob.
June is fresh fruit.
June is road trips.
June is ice cream.
June is a swimming pool.
June is sundresses.
June is...going to go by way to fast.
Source: via Allison on Pinterest


Natalie said...

I feel like I need to go jump in a pool and eat a tub of ice cream after reading this =D

Kelly said...

Corn on the cob, sundresses, reading :) Your June sounds wonderful!