Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 Reasons Why I Love Country Concerts

Thursday night that hubby of mine and I went to see Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton in concert at Riverbend. For those of you wondering what Riverbend is, it is a huge outdoor event venue on the Ohio River. It was the perfect night for a concert, weather in the 70's and a full moon! We met up with my hubby's cousin and his wife and had a great time. Any excuse to wear cowboy boots, yell Yee haw and fist pump while enjoying country music and I'm in. Here are 3 reasons I love country concerts, this one in particular.
1. Country concerts give you your money's worth. We had lawn seats because a. they were cheaper and b. the lawn is more fun anyway. So mid-song Brad Paisley wanders out onto the lawn with his band and then proceeds to perform 2 songs out there. I have never seen anyone do that before. He said he wanted us all to get our money's worth too and we did.

2. Country concerts are a surprise. Blake Shelton brought along his team from the Voice who performed his song Honey Bee with him. I am loving this new show and was surprised to see some of their faces on stage.

3. Country concerts are the best place to people watch. I wish I could have taken pictures of some of the ridiculous outfits I saw. A few of my favorites were guys in cut off shorts with cowboy boots and a beer belly, girls in bikini tops that were too small and then there's always those older woman who dress like they are still in their teens and paw on young "studs." Ew.

Here is a style that was quite popular last night that I actually love.
Source: via Kat on Pinterest

I hope to attend at least one more concert at Riverbend this summer. Do you have a place you like to see your favorite bands?


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Rin said...

I also love country concerts. I saw Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley last year. Brad did the same thing (go out to the lawn seats). I was a mere twenty feet from him.

You're right about the fashion. A lot of it can be really really bad. Last year I saw two girls whose shorts were the shortest they could get away with legally, and they cut slits in the back so their butt cheeks hung out.

But there are also a lot of well-dressed people, too.