Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Holiday Song Whistling Husband, I really do love hearing you whistle Christmas tunes while you you even know you do that? It's really cute. Dear Christmas Decorations,
Are you ready to be dusted off and brought out of storage?! You better be because we are coming for you tonight! It's time to deck the halls! Dear Bekah, I'm pumped for our annual gift exchange, craft night and Bravo's dinner this weekend. It is one of my favorite traditions of ours. Dear December, I can't believe you are almost here! I love you so much I'm going to have a giveaway on the blog to celebrate you tomorrow! Dear Christmas card pictures, I'm so excited for you. You are happening on Saturday afternoon! My outfit is ready, the location is scoped out, now if only my hair will cooperate! Dear Arrington Vineyard, I haven't had a chance to blog about you yet, but you were amazing. Hanging out with a gorgeous view next to the fireplace eating cheeses and drinking wine with family...what could be better? Kix Brook's knows his wine!
Dear Husband (again), Should we dress up our cats and bring them to our Christmas card photo shoot like this guy did? I'm down if you are.

Love, Allison
P.S. Thank goodness the weekend is here. I hope you have a fantastic weekend friends!


Morgan Liti said...

Um first of all, YES, to dressing up your cats for xmas pics. :) I'm putting our Christmas pictures up on the blog on Monday - it's one of my favorite holiday traditions! And naturally our chihuahua is center stage in most of them with a big red bow. :)

Happy Friday!

Erin said...

I really cannot believe that it's December tomorrow, either! And our blate will be here before you know it! :) Have fun getting all your decorations out!!

Megan said...

Yessss, dress up the cats! Haha!! I would love that!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh my goodness, that cat Christmas photo is just scary, haha! I hope you guys had fun decorating tonight! :)