Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour

While we were in Tennessee we ventured out to Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniel's Distillery. Whether you like Jack Daniels or not or whether you enjoy a cold beverage or not this is a place worth visiting! The town is quaint and the scenery is gorgeous. I really enjoyed the tour (especially since our tour guide wore overalls) and I learned a lot about the whiskey making process as well. It really is an interesting process and I do have more of an appreciation for it than I did before having gone on the tour. We decided to do the tasting tour, which was about 2 hours and ended with a little taste test of a few different whiskeys.
My husband and his pal Jack.
The whole crew and our "free shot" of Jack.
Downtown Lynchburg is within walking distance of the distillery so we wandered around and found the BBQ Caboose and some Jack Daniel's memorabilia (Jack Daniel's fudge anyone?) to wrap up our day. If you are in the area I would highly recommend visiting the Distillery!


Erika said...

That sounds like fun! I've toured vineyards before, but never a distillery. Great pictures!

Betty said...

My husband would love to take that tour! :)

Sarah said...

So fun!! We've done Woodford outside of Lexington and it was a blast!

lori said...

looks like fun!! i will definitely have to remember to check it out if im ever in the area :)