Monday, September 14, 2015

A day in the life (with a 10 month old)

I did one of these posts back when Aiden was just 6 months old and thought it'd be fun to compare my days with Aiden and how they change as he gets older. So here it is another day in my life, but this time with an almost 10 month old!

4:30 AM Aiden is up and hungry. I bring him in bed with me, feed him then we snuggle/sleep for a little bit longer before we drag ourselves out of bed
6:45 AM I turn on PBS Kids and let Aiden watch his favorite shows (Thomas and Daniel Tiger) while I fix breakfast, eat breakfast and then clean up the kitchen. All while trying to keep Aiden from pulling the cats tails, eating the cats food, pulling any and every cord out of the wall and pulling over baskets. Haha. Then we play and read a few books.
9:00-ish AM Aiden takes his morning nap. Since Aiden isn't sleeping great these days I try to nap with him during his first nap of the day. If I don't take a nap with him then I'll read or check my emails on my phone while he sleeps in my arms. I just finished reading Where'd You Go Bernadette and loved it!
10:00 AM Time to get out of bed. I feed him then it's time to actually get ready for the day.
10:15 AM Bath time. Since Aiden no longer likes to be laying down in his baby bath tub I've been letting him sit in his Boppy seat in the tub. I bathe him then I shower. We usually jam to a Baby Pandora station I created and we have a good ole time splishing and splashing.
10:30 AM Time to get Aiden dressed/aka let him roll around and pull everything out of the diaper caddy as many times as possible in the time it takes to change and dress a baby.
10:45 AM Mid-morning snack. His current favorite breakfast is Oatmeal with a mix of pureed blueberries and cherries. Yum. He also likes scrambled eggs. It's so fun that he is eating real food and that we can share bites.
11:00 AM Aiden "helps" me pick out our meals for the week and make a grocery list.
11:30-1 PM Lunch and errands. We hit up the grocery store and visit Yaya at work on our way home.
1:30-4:30 PM Afternoon nap and then I feed Aiden again. Then I attempt to meal prep and pick up around the house if Aiden allows it.
5:00 PM Aiden's favorite time of the day! Daddy is home!
5:30 PM Family dinner (can you guess which drink belongs to which family member?)
6:15 PM We clean up the kitchen and then Drew entertains Aiden while I meal prep some baby food for the following day. I made a Lentil and Brown rice soup for Aiden. You can find the recipe here.
6:45 PM If we have time before Aiden's goes to bed we take a family stroll around the neighborhood or head up the street to our favorite park then it's time to change Aiden into his PJs, read him a few books, feed him and put him to bed.

8:00 PM Aiden's Bedtime

After Aiden goes to bed I check emails/blog, fold laundry, hang out with Drew and then read or watch a show in bed. Everyday is different, but this is a snapshot of a day at home with my little man. I cherish these days with him.


brittany @ g squared said...

I did a post like this some time back and need to do another. It is so crazy how fast their routines change. He is getting so big! But still as cute as ever ;)

Anne said...

Love this! Makes me want to go back and look at my previous posts (and do another update myself!). Things change so fast, which can be fun but is also making me nostalgic... you're at such a sweet, fun time.

Picking out the little man's outfit is one of the highlights always - I adore his shirt. And you're so brilliant to think of just putting the bumbo in the bath tub! Tucking that thought away for next time.

p.s. the diaper caddy thing never ends! Ha.

Leigh said...

I love seeing what other mom's days are like! It always amazes me how quickly the days go and sometimes it's like what the heck did we do all day?!

lori said...

I love that you seem to be cherishing all the time you have with Aiden! He is very lucky to have such a sweet mama.

Side note: is that a tervis sippy?? I just discovered these and bought one for baby #2! So fun!

Rach said...

Seems like such a good little schedule you guys are on! :)