Thursday, October 27, 2016

7 tips for Planning a Gender Reveal Party (without breaking the bank)

When I was pregnant with Aiden we had a big Gender Reveal party where I may have gotten a little carried away. I had invitations, dinner, smores, yard games, etc. And don't get me wrong, I loved every second of it, but with Baby #2, I wanted something simpler and let's be honest, cheaper. (That will probably remain my motto with everything involving our second child, Haha. Sorry kiddo.)

So this time around I came up with 7 tips to help you plan a Gender Reveal party without breaking the bank...

1. Use your ultrasound pictures for an inexpensive decoration
You can make a banner with your pictures or just use decorative tape to hang them up like I did. I just asked the ultrasound tech if I could have extra pictures and she was happy to  oblige. Plus then you get more pictures of your baby! Win, win!
2. The Target and Michael's dollar bins are your friend
I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but I didn't have anything fun to put the ice cream toppings in. Enter the Michael's dollar bin. I bought cute little jars with chalkboard labels on them and they added a fun touch.

3. Don't spend money on the cutesy stuff like silverware 
Instead, buy the plain, boring silverware and jazz it up yourself. I used blue and pink washi tape to add some pops of color and it was extremely easy.

4. Serve dessert instead of a meal
We chose to do a Sundae party instead of plan out an entire meal. It saved me time, energy and money and it was just as fun. Who doesn't love to be fed dessert?

5. Keep the guest list small 
The first time around we invited our families plus our entire small group, friends, etc. We loved having everyone there, but this time we only invited our immediate family members. This meant we could have the party at our house and not spend a ton of money.

6. Focus on one area to decorate and keep it simple 
You could go crazy decorating with all the pink and blue items that are available, but my advice is to pick one area to focus on. Our focus was our dining room so I bought a cute tablecloth and focused on the table area where the ice cream and toppings were. I also made sure to have an area for people to take pictures as well. (Streamers are the best and cheapest way to do this, in my opinion)

7.  Be resourceful and ask to Borrow things! 
I could have gone out and bought extra Sundae dishes or ice cream scoops, but instead, I borrowed them. Think about what you have, what you can borrow and what you absolutely must buy. What can you re-use at a future party and what will you never use again that will simply take up storage space?

Happy party planning!
See more details from our Gender Reveal Party here.


The Lady Okie said...

That's a really great idea to make your silverware fancy using the tape! That's something you could use for any type of party. Love it! I think gender reveal parties are fun, but I honestly have no desire to have a party for myself. Even with these tips it still seems like too much work. Ha! For R, we just got together with my immediate family and told them by popping colored balloons, and it was really fun and casual :)

Amy - A Desert Girl said...

I love the idea of using fun tape on plain silverware. So clever! I also love the sundae theme. Kevin would be onboard because he loves ice cream. :)

I'm going to be using your healthy smash cake recipe tomorrow to make a cake for Ava to smash when we have grandparents and aunt over on Saturday to celebrate with her!

Erin LFF said...

Very cute! I always think your parties and get together look adorable, whether big or small! :) I would have never thought to use washi on plasticware but I'll have to remember that going forward! Ps- I MISS YOU!!

Grace Engaged said...

These are such cute ideas! I never thought to use washi tape on plasticware! What a great idea!!
Blessings, Rebecca :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

So many great ideas! I love this! Especially using the washi tape at the end of the spoons. That is super cute!

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