Monday, October 17, 2016

Cincinnati Fall Festivities Round Up {Our favorite places to go}

Fall is hands down my favorite season, so when it comes to Fall activities I try to make it my business to know what is going on around my city and hit up all the best places. Here are a few of our family's favorite spots to go in the fall....

Blooms and Berries
Why we like it...It is a great spot for family photos as they have pumpkins and sunflowers. It is also free to go if you simply want to shop for fall flowers, a fall treat or pumpkins. However they have a kid friendly area with animals, hayrides, games, etc. that does cost money to enter, but if you go in September and NOT on a weekend it is much cheaper. *A tip for next year.

Sunflower Festival at Gorman Farm
Why we like it...There is plenty there to entertain the whole family. Hayrides, pick your own Sunflowers, pumpkins, animals, Food trucks, live music, booths, etc.

Iron's Fruit Farm
Why we like it...This has been Drew and I's go to spot every year since we started dating. We usually go to pick apples, which is always fun and they also have a hayride that takes you out to a pumpkin patch. They have a corn maze, animals and my favorite selection of fall baked goods. Their donuts and apple fritters are on my must have list every fall.

Shaw Farm
Why we like it...It is free! You just pay for activities if you choose to do them. They have pumpkins for sale, a hayride, animals and tons of spaces for kids to run around and play. If you want to take your child somewhere simply to play outside in the crisp fall air, this is it because it doesn't cost anything to get in. There are areas all over that encourage kids to use their imaginations and most of them incorporate pumpkins (pirate ship, little houses, barns, tractors, wagons, stage coach, etc.)
Some of Aiden's little playgroup buddies taking a lunch break.
Other Fall Fun:
HallZOOween at the Cincinnati Zoo 
Hamilton's Pumpkin Festival: Operation Pumpkin
City Flea at Washington Park (They usually have one in October)
Lebanon Apple Festival
Hiking at the Cincinnati Nature Center


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Ah! All so much fun! :)

JaxVollat said...

One of these days I'm going to run into you at a fall festival! We go to all the same ones. We are doing two more this weekend and I can't wait! :) So sad October is almost over and most of these fun events will come to an end.