Thursday, November 10, 2016

10 Things I Love About You at Age 2

My sweet boy is TWO. How is that even possible?! The last two years have been hands down the best years of my life. I can't imagine how different my life would be if Aiden hadn't come along. All I know is that my life is so much sweeter with him as a part of it.

There are so many things I love about this boy, but today, I'm simply sharing 10 things that I love about him at this age...

1. His laugh. He is always looking for a way to make other people smile. When he laughs, everyone laughs with him. His joy is contagious. It is a laugh that fills a room and comes straight from his gut. His whole little body radiates joy when he laughs.

2. He is the happiest when we are all together as a family. I can already see that his love language is Quality Time because he always wants everyone to be together and included. After he plays cars with Daddy, he grabs my hand and says "Mommy do it" and I get to join in on the fun too. Knowing his family members names is one of the first things he grasped when he could talk. He is intuitive about people's feelings and likes to make people feel special. Knowing their names definitely does that!
3. The way he looks at me. Oh it melts me. His little smirk when we read certain pages in a book that he knows we both think are funny. He makes me feel like the only person in the room when he looks at me. He makes me feel like the most blessed Mama in the world.

4. He is passionate about what he loves. Right now one of his passions is vehicles. At all times he must have two vehicles with him, one in each hand. He hears every truck that starts up in our neighborhood, can pick out a train whistle way off in the distance and knows the names of all the Cars and Thomas characters. He has a special chair that we call the "Vrooming chair" and he uses it to test out all his new cars on. One of my favorite things he does right now at bedtime is goes to his room and picks out two cars that he wants to take to bed with him.

5. His sweet voice. I'm going to miss his baby talk and baby voice. I will also miss all the words and phrases he is saying at this age. According to the doctors he is off the charts when it comes to vocabulary and I love being able to communicate with him. His favorite word is still "Mama", which of course I just love, but "Drew-Dada" and "Big Truck" are a very close second. His favorite phrases are currently: "Choo, choo coming," "Read it again," "No way!" and "What are you talking about?!" Ha.

6. He knows what he wants and always has a plan. He will grab people's hands and tell them to "go this way," or "go hide." He knows which cars he wants to take with him places, which path he wants to take on our walks, which Thomas movie he wants on, which books he wants to read, etc. He doesn't mess around!

7. He is incredibly observant! He observes and notices everything! Every time he gets a new toy, he has to turn the box over and look at the back before he asks for us to open it. When we read books, he notices the tiniest details and remembers them. He also knows all our family members cars and knows who goes with who (Papa and Yaya, Aunt Carly and Uncle Josh, etc.)
8. He loves to learn! One of his favorite things to do is have us read to him. I don't think a day has gone by this past year where he hasn't requested a book to be read to him. I love how he just plops down in my lap like it's his favorite place to be. Current favorite books: Boo!, On The Go, Little Blue Truck, Trains,  Owl's Forest Numbers, and Panda Bear, Panda Bear (or any rendition of Eric Carle's Brown Bear)

9. He is sensitive and thoughtful. He will almost always give kisses upon request and is saying thank you when people give him things now. He is very sweet about his toy fox, Mr. Fox and takes him everywhere. He is sensitive towards people and animals who are hurting. When he hears someone crying or one of our cats in distress, he says, "Oh no!"

10. He listens and truly wants to be helpful. When he sees Drew sweeping up crumbs on the floor, he goes to get his little broom and "helps." When we vacuum, he gets out his lawn mower and "vacuums" too. He currently likes helping throw things in the garbage, "fold" laundry and help me put my shoes and socks on.
I could go on and on, but these are my favorite things about Aiden right now. I love him to pieces and am so excited to watch him grow this year...just not too fast.


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This made me so happy to read! I love being a little boy mama, and I'm so excited to watch him grow. But, like you said, not too fast!

Rach said...

Oh sweet boy! How is he 2 already?! I love this!

Erin LFF said...

What a joyful, sweet boy! :) He is such a little smarty pants too- must be his awesome parents ;)

The Lady Okie said...

Such a sweet boy. He is so smart too!

Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my word, #2 is so sweet! I love this whole post so much!!! He is so lucky to have you two as such great parents! I can't wait to see him react when baby #2 gets here!!

Laura Darling said...

What a cute two year told!! I love how he loves carrying two vehicles!