Friday, December 2, 2016

Pregnancy Files 2 {The Bump Week 30}

Thankful Mama Shirt from Ezra and Eli
Well week 30 has come and gone, but I am bound and determined to finish a bump post (1 of 3 I've actually managed to finish writing this pregnancy, oops.)

Best Moment this Month: Sharing baby's name with the world and hearing Aiden say "baby Alder." I love how he says it. It just melts my Mama heart. I also 100% enjoyed "eating for two" this Thanksgiving. I know pregnancy hormones are crazy, but I was/am just feeling so incredibly thankful for all I've been given.

Food cravings: No real food cravings or aversions this pregnancy. I can always eat Chipotle, but that's not something new for me. ;)

Movement: So much movement! Alder is much more mobile than Aiden was. Aiden was all cozied up in one spot. He didn't move around nearly this much at this stage, but Alder is a different story. I'm constantly getting elbowed in the gut by this kid. Haha. I honestly do love being able to feel him move and attempt to guess what I feel jabbing out at me...his arm, leg, elbow, tiny booty? I love it.

Symptoms: Back pain and random leg cramps in the middle of the night. I still feel incredibly good for being in my 3rd trimester, I feel almost too good and am constantly doing more than I "should be," causing me to be exhausted by the end of each day. If you can complain about feeling good, I guess that's my only complaint.

Nursery: I told myself I'd never be "that Mom" who waited until her 3rd trimester to get the nursery together. I always just thought even with my second child that I'd have the nursery done quickly and just be able to relax and enjoy the 3rd trimester. Well I was wayyyyy wrong. Alder's nursery is starting to come together, but is not anywhere close to ready. We did buy a rug, dresser, crib and changing pad and we have paint colors picked out, but that's about it. We have a lot to do and I want it done by Christmas. Time to make a list of "honey-do's" for my husband...dun dun dun.

Letter for Baby:
Dear Alder,
I can't believe you have been growing inside me for 30 plus weeks now. Even though life is busy and crazy right now with me chasing around your big brother and your Daddy working and in grad school, I still think about you all the time. You are a miracle and you bring me so much joy already. I love feeling you move around and picturing what you will look like. I love the hope and anticipation that comes with meeting you in just two months. You are already very loved little boy.

Your Mama

Week 16 Bumpdate
                Week 22 Bumpdate

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The Lady Okie said...

30 weeks! The countdown is on. So exciting, and you look great!

Rach said...

Ah! 30 weeks! Girl, you are so close to meeting him. So exciting. :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That last picture of the two of you is ADORABLE!