Monday, August 21, 2017

What the Cool Kids Are Wearing {Fayfaire Clothing Co.}

Whenever I'm out and about with my boys and I get compliments on their clothing, it is usually something I got from Fayfaire, my favorite baby and toddler clothing boutique. They have trendy kid clothes that are made well and that hold up well despite how many times I've had to wash them! I have loved this company (and the family behind it) since it very first started. See my very first post about them featuring little baby Aiden here. I have loved watching them grow and develop this brand! They now donate a baby onesie to every single baby in the NICU via Miracle Babies, which makes my heart happy.
Let me start by sharing a few of my favorite Fayfaire items. I have three words for you: baby trucker hats. First off, I didn't know they made trucker hats so small (Alder is in a 0-6 month size above). Fayfaire has baby trucker hats and toddler trucker hats, which is perfect when you want your kids to match because that is just the cutest thing ever. And since my boys won't be wearing matching bows or headbands, trucker hats it is! These hats are adorable, but they are more importantly very durable. (Trust me, my toddler wears this hat almost And if you don't believe me just scan my instagram and you can spot this hat over and over again.) I love that Alder has one now too!
Looking for a funny baby onesie? Fayfaire has plenty of those too. Their "I drink until I pass out" onesie is perfect for my little guy because it's what he likes to do. The material of this onesie is so soft and it has also washed up well as this kiddo likes to poop outside of his diaper at least once a day. So there's that.
Even if you don't have kids of your own, Fayfaire has items you can give as baby shower gifts or as a birthday gift to your favorite kiddo. Their #Blessed shirt is my pick to give to Mamas as a new baby gift and they offer a variety of color and font options in this style shirt.
Next thing I want to get my hands on...their Grow With Me Toddler Pants. So adorable. Now I just need Fayfaire to start making adult clothing so my husband and I can be cool and trendy like our kids. Do you ever feel like your kids are cooler than you? Story of my life.
Make sure you check out their DEAL OF THE WEEK!

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These are cute! I'll remember them for baby number 3!