Monday, August 28, 2017

Alder Jacob {6 Months}

Half a year. Alder has officially been part of our family for half a year! I truly can't imagine our family dynamic without this little ball of sunshine in it. He makes everything sweeter and is the most laid back and go with the flow baby! My friend commented the other day on how genuine his smile is. He smiles A LOT and yet every time is just as sincere as the first time.
This past month has been a big one. I busted out my BEABA Babycook and started making baby food again. Alder has tried bananas, apples, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. He loves bananas, but isn't a huge fan of anything else yet. However he will indulge me and eat some spoonfuls of anything if I make googly eyes at him and say "yum, yum, yum!" Haha. The things we do for our kids. Also, he is sitting in his highchair with us at mealtimes and that just makes him seem so much older!
We took a few trips this month. We visited the Columbus zoo, which means Alder has now visited 4 city's zoos. Alder also took his first road trip just him and I. We went to Michigan to meet up with my college girlfriends and had the best time. He also saw the beach for the first time, which I loved witnessing.

He also got evicted from our room and is sleeping in his own room and in his crib. He is still sleeping in his Magic Sleep Suit and loves to sleep curled up with his puppy on his side. 
Developmentally this has been a big month too. He is sitting up well now and prefers to be sitting instead of laying on his tummy. He is very observant and is noticing our cats a lot more too (watch out Bear and Sawyer!) He is also grabbing and pulling on everything, including Aiden's hair, which thankfully Aiden finds hilarious. It must be a brother thing, because Aiden returns the favor and pushes Alder when he is in his jumper, causing the whole thing to shake, which Alder in turn finds hilarious as well. I can already tell these two are going to be the best of friends and watching them laugh together is my favorite thing in the world. My constant prayer watching them together is that their relationship continues to grow and strengthen as they get older.

A few stats about Alder at six months: 

Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces, 25th%. It is so weird not having my chunky baby anymore. He is so lean and long right now. The doctor thinks he is probably on the verge of a growth spurt.

Height: I'm a bad Mom and forgot to write it down, but I do remember he is average for height, 45th%.

Size clothes: 6-9 month

Sleeping: Oh Alder. It's a good thing you are the sweetest baby in the world because you do not let me get much sleep at night. I know I'm mostly to blame thought because I just can't be mad that I get to hold you and snuggle you in the middle of the night and you are always so happy to see me. He goes to bed easily around 7ish and then is up again around 2ish then again around 5 and I'm not ready to do any sort of sleep training. So for now, give me all the coffee.

Random stuff only parents want to know:

Nicknames: Alder J is the most frequent name we call you.

Likes: Bathtime with his big brother, frozen teething toys, eating real food (bananas are his current favorite), snuggling with Mr. Puppy, grabbing Mama's hair, sitting in his high chair, flipping pages in books as I'm reading to him, picking up his brothers toys and putting them in his mouth,

Dislikes: When people "mess" with his brother, not even joking. He really doesn't like it when Aiden is being chased around the house.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Alder from this month...

We can't wait to see how much you grow and learn this month, buddy.

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