Saturday, September 16, 2017

Easy Acorn Art for Kids

When we take walks, I like to have something in mind for Aiden to do besides simply walk, or in his case run. Most of our walks become nature walks and we look for certain things together (sticks for throwing into the creek, bugs, cicada shells, leaves, etc.) On this particular day our focus was acorns. Aiden had so much fun and collected so many acorns that I thought I should use them for some type of activity, hence this post.

Originally I thought we would just dip them in paint and use the tops as stamps, but then I remembered doing marble art and thought why not try it with acorns. I love the art Aiden created with the acorns and it was a fun and easy process.

Here's what you need:
-Washable paint
-Egg carton to hold the paint (or other paint container)
-A container deep enough that the acorns won't fall out when your toddler shakes it
-First place a sheet of paper in the bottom of your container.
-Then have your child dip acorns in different colors and place them on the paper.
-When you have a good amount of acorns in the container, have your child shake the container back and forth so that the acorns slide all over the paper. Aiden needed help shaking the container at first, but by our 3rd attempt he was an expert shaker.
-Remove paper to let dry and replace with a new one. Repeat!