Monday, October 9, 2017

Alder Jacob {7 Months}

*This post has been half written in my drafts for a month. So really, happy 8 months baby boy, but in true second child fashion, your Mama is late with the monthly update. At least I took the picture on time. 

7 months of joy, joy, joy (and very little sleep) with this boy. Alder's personality continues to be very sweet and very laid back (until the middle of the night when he becomes slightly more of a diva, ha). He hardly ever cries or fusses and goes with the flow of our busy lives, but we are starting to see glimpses of attitude when he doesn't get his way. He grunts when we don't feed him fast enough and he has started "yelling" at Aiden when he takes toys away from him. Even though he can't talk just yet, he is very expressive with us and wants to make sure his little voice is heard!
When I walk in to get him from his room each morning, he goes crazy. He bounces and kicks and gets the biggest grin on his face. I'm his favorite and I kind of love it. But his love for Aiden is right up there too. He is constantly watching Aiden and laughing at his big brother and all the loud noises he makes. Their brotherly bond is undeniable and is my favorite thing in this world to watch. And then when Dada comes home he lights up in a whole new way. Dada is the one who makes him laugh the most.
Alder has a very inquisitive mind and love, love, loves when he gets a new toy. I don't remember being so excited about getting out new toys with Aiden at this age, but Alder notices everything about his toys and he interacts with them so well. He is so content just sitting in our family room with some toys set out. He also loves being read to. There are two books in particular he gets especially excited about. Baby, Baby and Sweet Dreams, Peter. He also loves the Indestructible books and Brown Bear, which we had to introduce early since Aiden was obsessed with that book (hence his first words were, "Brown Bear.") 
Besides eating a lot of new foods this month, the biggest milestone is that a tooth has begun to pop up. He is constantly drooling and chomping and i'm excited to see his smile with a few teeth in it. He is also sitting up all by himself and is trying so hard to pull up on things and to crawl. I have no doubt he will be mobile very soon. Alder also visited his first pumpkin patch where I probably took way too many pictures, but a baby in a pumpkin patch is just too adorable. (see below)

A few stats about Alder at seven months: 

Weight: This kid is beefing up again. We don't go to the doctor again until 9 months (and I never think to weigh him at home), but Drew and I joke that Alder is going to be bigger than his brother by could be true. Haha.

Height: His legs are long and he wants to pull himself up to his full height and stand on those long legs!

Size clothes: 9 month

Sleeping: Sleep? What is sleep? Alder continues his sleep strike and still has not slept completely  through the night. But you know what? I am choosing not to see this as a negative thing because seeing his sweet little face and knowing he wants to be close to me is a gift. I am needed. So as tired as I am all.the.time. I am grateful.

Random stuff only parents want to know:

Nicknames: Alder J, Baby, "Lellow" (by his big brother...I asked Aiden why he called his brother "Lellow" and he looked at me matter of factly and said, Marshmallow, Mama. Haha.)

Likes: Splashing in the bath, sleeping on his side with his puppy, the way different textures feel, watching his kitty cats run by him and trying to grab their tails, playing Peekaboo, new toys, being worn (aka close to Mama) on family outings.

Dislikes: When his brother takes his toys, waiting for a bite of food, the fact that he can't stand all the time, sleeping at night.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Alder from this month...

I know this next month is going to be a big one. 
I have a feeling you will be crawling and getting in to everything in no time.

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