Monday, October 30, 2017

On the Eve of your 3rd birthday

Tomorrow my baby turns three.
Three whole years have gone by with this guy by my side.
What an incredible blessing he is.

Of course I have been reminiscing about our time together and while looking at pictures of him as a baby makes me tear up (so tiny and sweet) it also makes me smile because I am so incredibly proud of the person he is becoming. So naturally, tonight's post is for my baby who is now a big kid.


You are such a cool kid.

You are playful and sweet, thoughtful and observant, kind and affectionate, a planner and a wild child, determined and eager, sensitive and tough, energetic and focused, my baby and yet my big kid.  Lots of other parents call the twos "terrible," but I will never call this last year or any year with you terrible because it was a year with you in it. This year you have desired more independence and one of your most commonly used phrases has been, "Aiden do it." I've been trying to step back and let you do things, but it's hard to let go as I am watching the baby in you slip away and the big kid step in. So when you say "Mama hold you" when you're scared or tired, it makes me so happy. You also always, always give me a kiss when I ask for it. You don't know how much that means to me.

You have brought me so much joy. Being your Mom is the best thing in the world and having a front row seat to your life is the greatest gift.

Here are a few things I want to remember about you at this very moment in time:

-You are protective of those you love. When we cross the street or are in the parking lot you hold my hand and say, "Watch out for cars Mama!" and "Be careful!" When Alder cries you say, "Make baby Alder laugh." When a friend falls down, you run over and make sure they are okay. You have a heart for others and are intuitive to their feelings.

-You are the BEST big brother. Alder adores you and you make him so happy.

-You love your friends and looks forward to seeing them. You always run in and give your friends hugs and huge smiles (You are such an extrovert like me!)

-You still love cars, but construction vehicles have taken a front row seat. The Bob the builder theme song is always in my head.

-You are the most fun and spunky kid! Seriously, your Dad and I talk all the time about how much fun you are all the time.

-You have one speed...FAST. You don't stop all day long and haven't napped consistently in 6 months.
-You love to learn and have an amazing memory. I love when you say things like "Member when we did that yesterday, Mama?"

-Reading is still one of our favorite things to do together. You study each page and enjoy "reading" to us too. You are currently very into all your (not very spooky) Halloween and Fall books.

-You love having a plan and when I share our plans with you for the day, if it's a plan you like (Polar Express and Hot Chocolate) you say, "That's a great idea, Mama"

-Your favorite game is Hide and Seek. You are the best hider and always give us clues as to where you are hiding by growling or giggling.

-You still vroom cars on chairs and you get so focused on this. You have loved this since you could stand.

-Your imagination has really developed this year. You are always pretending something and it is so much fun to watch you play and to join in on your magical world. You recently started loving super heroes and are always flying action figures around the living room.

-You are potty trained and you did it so well! You better teach your brother how to do it just like you when the time comes.

-You are always saying "I help you Mama." Your favorite chore to help with is the laundry. You really are a good little helper.

-You have been looking forward to Halloween and your birthday for months! We were literally pretend Trick or treating in September. You make everything more fun!

I could go on and on and on and on about you Aiden, but I think I'll go peek in on you, kiss your head and watch you sleep for a few minutes because when you wake up tomorrow you will be THREE and one day closer to being more of a big kid than my baby.

I love you more than I could ever express in words.

Happy birthday buddy.