Monday, April 23, 2018

A Simple Phrase I Never Want to Stop Hearing

I have a few precious minutes while the baby naps to shower and clean up the hot mess that is my kitchen and dining room, so I turn on an episode of Sid the Science Kid for my toddler and head for my bath robe. I haven't washed my hair in three days and I'm tired of wearing my hair in a top knot. My Momlife pants (that I've also been wearing on repeat) have dried playdough on them so I'm basically sprinting to my bathroom when I hear my toddler sweetly say, "Mama, hold you?" (his adorable way of asking me to hold him.) Every ounce of me wants to say "I'll hold you later, buddy Mama has some things to do," but later may never come. The older he gets, the more I want to hold on to the times when he really needs me, the times when he asks me to simply hold him. The day he doesn't ask me to hold him will come soon enough. I probably won't even realize he's stopped asking, it will simply happen.

The days of him being my little boy are so fleeting. Honestly, I get teary eyed even thinking about the day that I'm no longer "needed" by my boys for most everything. It is so exhausting, but so wonderful to be needed.

So when you see me in the same graphic tee and my hair is up in a top knot yet again, please don't judge me. Pre-kids, I used to think to myself, how can a Mom not have time to shower? But maybe there was time, but she simply chose to snuggle with her son instead.

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Susannah said...

Thanks for turning me into a big messy puddle of tears!