Friday, July 22, 2011

Eye candy

Just to be clear, I am not the eye candy of this post...I'm posting about real candy! My husband has a huge sweet tooth and anytime we wander into a new part of town we look for two things: 1.) A candy store and 2.) A toy store. That hubby of mine is such a kid at heart and I love it!
At Dylan's candy bar in NYC last spring...someone's happy.
We recently explored downtown Loveland and found this adorable candy shop complete with home made ice cream. If you live around the area you should check out Loveland Sweets.

And since you were dying to know what Remix outfit I wore to the candy you go!
Outfit #7- Shirt-Gap, Pants-Limited, Belt-Limited, Shoes-TJ Maxx, Scarf-Charming Charlie

Even though it's 100 degrees out we are heading to the fair to see hubby's cousin show pigs...I'm going to be a hot, sweaty mess, but at least I will get to enjoy some fabulous fair food!

Hope you all have an amazing Friday!!!


The Whity Wife said...

I can't believe you are venturing outside!! So brave... but be careful!

Have you been to Main Street Sweets in Mason- it's pretty great (and is located on- yep, main street)

Tatiana said...

That candy shop looks too cute! And so do you :-)
I LOVE fairs! Especially the deep fried anything food! I hope you had a great time!

Megan said...

You are ADORABLE! And I'm so jealous of fair food!! The only time I get food like that is in October/November when the fair comes. I can't wait!