Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to make a festive paper lantern {Tutorial}

When I decided we were going to have a Gender Reveal party I immediately scoured Pinterest for a fun way to reveal the gender. Since we were planning a backyard "BaBy Q"and the setting would be outdoors I thought a pinata type reveal would be perfect! Enter the festive surprise lantern!

-Large white paper lantern (I got mine from IKEA, but I know party stores and places like World Market have them as well)
-Various colors of tissue paper
-Double sided tape
-yarn for hanging
-small piece of cardboard or heavy duty paper

1. Start by cutting your tissue paper in approximately 3 inch strips (thickness is really up to you)
2. Once you have a nice pile of strips cut, use your scissors to cut the fringe. Do not cut all the way through your tissue paper. I would leave about an inch at the top to place tape later and I would leave about a quarter of an inch between each fringe.
3. Put 4-5 pieces of double sided tape down on your first piece of tissue paper. Put the sticky side down and leave the backing on until you have all the pieces of tape laid out. This just makes it easier.
4.  Insert the wire piece that came with your lantern to give your lantern shape then place a piece of tissue paper down starting at the very bottom and working your way up. Take the tape backing off one by one as you adhere it to the lantern.
5. Continue layering until your lantern is covered
6. Take a piece of cardboard and measure it in a circle to fit the bottom opening of your lantern.
7.  Use packaging tape to adhere yarn or string to the side of your circle that will be inside the lantern so it will not show
8. Cut a slit in one side of the cardboard circle and fit it securely inside the opening. You will probably have to push down on it from the top part of the lantern to secure it.
9. Fill your lantern with small pieces of tissue paper
10. Test out your lantern by pulling gently on the yarn. The cardboard circle should pop out with ease releasing your tissue paper confetti! Surprise!
I got the idea for this tutorial from here.


Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

This is awesome!!!! Love that you DIY-ed it!!! xx

Rebekah said...

That is such a cute idea! In your pictures I was wondering if you had made that!

Anonymous said...

I love the play on words for backyard "BaBy Q". Too cute!
You did a great job with this! As usual, Ms. Crafty!


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

This is so cute! I love seeing what creative things you come up with. This makes me all kinds of excited to see the baby room. :)

Erin LFF said...

Totally cute! You are so crafty! :)

Legally Lovely said...

So cool! You've really planned out your baby surprises so creatively! Usually I get tuckered out half-way through a DIY project, so props to your can-do-it-ness. :)

Anne said...

Love it!

Christian Hubbard said...

Wow that is such a darling Gender reveal idea! Congrats!!!