Sunday, September 28, 2014

Renner Rewind

<< So life has been a whirlwind lately between baby showers, packing my hospital bag (AH!), preparing for my sister in law's wedding, Drew officiating weddings (that's right folks) and assembling baby items I have not had a spare second to blog besides my bump posts. I hate missing out on your lives and hope to get back to reading your blogs soon, but in the mean time here's a little rewind of what's been happening in the Renner house <<
Drew officiated his first wedding. For real. He got ordained to do his sister's wedding and a friend of ours asked him to do his too. He did a fantastic job then we enjoyed a rooftop reception complete with Cincinnati favorite foods for dinner. Yes please.

We took an all day child birth class and I got antsy and started packing my hospital bags that night. These ladies have very helpful posts on what to pack if you are interested. See here and here.

My work threw me a sweet shower. I've only been there for 4 months and have felt so loved and supported. I could not have asked God to pick a better spot for me. He is so faithful. One of my coworkers had this onesie made for me. It's a spin on our church's motto and logo.

I went to a lake house for an overnight work retreat and enjoyed a hike (8 months pregnant and still hiking), an amazing bonfire and delicious Amish baked goods.

My sister came in to town and has been assembling baby accessories like crazy. The bouncer, swing, Rock N Play and high chair are all up and out. It's so fun to see baby things take over the living room. My sister is very good at putting things together and I'm not so she made me sit on the couch and watch Harry Potter (for the first time) while she assembled away! I love her!

So it's safe to say nesting is in full force...Sawyer is "nesting" too in case you were wondering. Haha.


Kayla MKOY said...

You really have been super busy! But hey, that just means time is flying and your sweet little babe will be here before we know it!!!! I'm so happy you have so many amazing people to help you out, and that's so awesome about Drew officiating weddings!!!

Becky said...

Such great things to be busy with!! Your little boy will be here so soon :) How did you like the HP movie?!!

Angie said...

So many blessings in your life lately. God is Great!!!

Oh and total props for hiking at 8 months pregnant :)

Anne said...

Whew, busy but exciting times! And just like the Harry Potter books, kind of fun that you haven't seen the movies yet...sometimes I wish I hadn't experienced fun stuff like that so I could have it for the first time again :) And what a fun time with your sister!

According to Jax said...

Omg - The bags are packed!!? I'm getting sooo excited for you!!

Brittany said...

You're getting so close!!! I can't believe you were hiking at eight months pregnant! I suppose that's a GREAT sign. I hope you loved the Harry Potter movies as much as I did. I think they did a really great job of translating the vibe of the books into film. So, so excited for you!

Susannah said...

I love how busy you're keeping yourself. That's how I'm going to have to be at the end of my pregnancy too! You're SO close to meeting him!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Aghhh!! So much excitement! Good for you - hiking at 8 months pregnant. That's awesome! I'm watching the Harry Potter movies for the first time too. We watched the third one this past weekend. Very good, huh, but not as good as the books, of course - how could they be?

Obviously, I love the picture of Sawyer.


Rach said...

Hahaha! Sawyer's nesting picture made me laugh! Cats are so funny about the spots they find to lay down. ;)

Also, what a great sister you have to come help out so much! And I love that Drew is now an ordained minister! How cool that he has officiated two weddings! :)