Monday, December 8, 2014

Aiden's Nursery {room tour}

I'm so excited to finally be sharing Aiden's nursery with you! This room was a team effort by my husband and I and we had so much fun dreaming of having our baby boy grow up in this room. We wanted to incorporate some of the old treasures from our house like the little red lantern, the rocking horse I had as a little girl and the telescope that Drew's Dad used as a kid, but we also wanted to add some modern touches as well. We didn't want anything to be too themed so we used patterns and textures and kept it simple with neutral wall colors.

Since Drew and I love the outdoors and hope Aiden will too we decided to add some woodland creatures to the room as well to add some pops of color. All the art work was done by my very talented sister in law!

The dresser and changing table belonged to Drew's Dad. Drew stripped the paint and stained them and we added new handles. I love how they turned out and am proud of my husband for persevering when I was ready to kick these pieces to the curb. This room was definitely a labor of love and we are thrilled with how it turned out!

Here is a little tour of Aiden's nursery...

Crib // IKEA
Kid's Table // IKEA 
Kid's Chairs // IKEA
Dresser // Old, Refinished
Changing Table // Old, Refinished
Fox and Raccoon Stuffed Animals // The Happy Groundhog
Book Shelves // IKEA Spice Racks (stained)
Toy Basket // HomeGoods
Rug // PotteryBarn Outlet
Changing Table Cover // Modfox
Curtains // Target
Closet Dividers // DIY
Crib sheets // Target
Wooden Measuring Stick // DIY
Log Side Table // DIY
Mobile // DIY {Tutorial coming soon}
Woodland Animal Wall Art // Hand Painted by my sister in law
Recliner // Costco
Fox Clock // Modern Moose
Canvas Baskets in closet // Walmart
Chalkboard Tags // Michael's dollar bin

When we have more time I also plan to have my husband make me some more Honeycomb shelves to add to the wall above the recliner. If you want an awesome tutorial for how to make some yourself, click here.


Kaity said...

Oh my goodness. I love it! I'm at such a standstill with Pep's nursery, it's driving me crazy. I just keep telling myself that it doesn't need to be totally finished by the time he's born. Also, that mobile is to die for!!!

RachaelA said...

What a beautiful room - I love the colour and the patterns you have used!

Leigh said...

Love how it turned out!

Erin LFF said...

Everything is picture-perfect :) I love love LOVE all the details and personal touches- but I think my absolute favorite thing is the fox clock! I'm in love!!!

Mimsie said...

I like your closet pole dividers.

Katie said...

I love everything about the nursery! The staining on the furniture turned out perfect. Love the color. And the art work is amazing!

Rach said...

It's all absolutely precious!! You guys did such a great job on this!

Also, I'm thinking I need to check out a Pottery Barn Outlet because that rug is awesome!

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

I love that you incorporated some older treasures and some modern stuff. AND that you didn't get super "theme-y" with the d├ęcor. He'll be able to grow into that room very well.

Susannah said...

What an absolutely precious room!!!

Kayla MKOY said...

That fox clock?? I NEED!!!!

Goodness, this nursery is just adorable!!!! Loving every personal touch, etc. So darn cute!

Brittany said...

This room looks like something from a magazine. Just saying. I really love the telescope! How cool is that?!

Shelley said...

love everything about this. such a cute room. love all of the woodland creatures :)

Anne said...

Oh my gosh, Allison! SO cute. Where to even begin? The rug is so fabulous, the dark blue accent wall is amazing, I love the eclectic mix of artwork and the prints/patterns on all the fabrics, and the special touches of the re-used furniture and the lantern/telescope/etc. are adorable and even better for being meaningful. I would spend all day in here with Aiden - I bet you do :)

I always thought I wanted a little girl for clothes + nursery decorating, but it turns out little boys are actually the best - further evidence here!

Betty said...

So adorable! Love the theme and colors. We have same ikea it!

Caroline R. said...

THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I love your style!

Sarah said...

So so cute! I love all of the colors together!

Unknown said...

I love everything about his room!!