Friday, April 17, 2015


Happy Friday friends! The sun is out and our big plans for the evening include a family walk at the park and dinner picnic style! Here are some other things that are making me smile...

A family friend who just so happens to be a fantastic photographer took some pictures of Aiden and I'm in love. I was so excited to actually get some pictures of just the two of us. I'll be devoting an entire post to these pictures so prepare yourselves for some baby spam.
The Rootbeer Stand is OPEN and dangerously close to our house.
It is finally warm enough to wear my cat Vans. Oh my gosh, I'm in love. Plus the money my husband paid for these shoes...some of it went to the SPCA. Win, win.
I am finally getting back in the swing of cooking meals consistently. It's about time right?! I have a post in the works about some simple, new mom friendly meals.
Spring means babies. One of my best friends just had her second baby boy and we are planning a visit this week to meet him. Another one of my dear friends is due with her second set of twins any day now as well!!!

Happy weekend!


Kayla MKOY said...

I can't wait to see the pictures from your shoot! Always love seeing Aiden pics! :) I'm jealous you live so close to the root beer stand! I've always wanted to go ;)

Erin said...

That picture of you and Aiden came out so well! Just beautiful.

Katie said...

that picture of you two is so so cute!!!

Brittany said...

AIDEN! STOP IT WITH YOUR SMILE AND ROLLS AND PUFFY BELLY! Seriously, I giggle at work when I see these things and it's embarrassing. Also, I wish I lived dangerously close to the Root Beer Stand. Second set of twins?! Oh my gosh - that's a strong woman. Have a great weekend, friend!

Jen Brown {Baking Baby Brown} said...

Oh my gosh! My Crazy Cat Lady heart needs those shoes! What a fun find! Happy Weekend!

Anne said...

Ahh, you two are too cute. How fun to have a little photo session! And the shoes - too great.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love the picture of the two of you!!!! I can't wait to see more! I cooked my first mea yesterday! I had a crying toddler and infant! I burned my hand and it took 3 or more hours to cook a simple meal, but I did it!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I am so excited to see the photos of you and Aiden!! How fun! Also, I am all about new recipes! I've been cooking up a storm lately, but have been terrible about taking photos and blogging about it. I want to be better about that again!

Jenna Griffin said...

Oh my goodness those SHOES! There are no words. I'm sending the pic to my husband now for birthday ideas. :)

Also, your floral top is pretty! I'm all about flowers at the moment. Haha. I'm excited to see more recipes! That pasta looks delish. Mm! Aiden is getting sooo big! He's so cute.

Kaity said...

Yay baby pictures!!!

Also, I definitely need some mom-friendly recipes. I don't even want to talk about the amount of fast food I've eaten in the last week :/