Friday, April 24, 2015

What's Your Brew?

My dear friend Tara is changing the world one post at a time. Her heart is pure gold and her desire to share who she is and let others in on her life is inspiring. She had the brilliant idea to have people step out and allow others get to know their hearts a little better by answering the question, "What's Your Brew?" So with Tara as my inspiration, here's 20 little known facts about me...
If I could be a Disney Princess I would most definitely be Cinderella not because of the Prince or her fairy Godmother, but because of her relationships with animals. True story. I have a huge heart for animals.
I have this constant fear gnawing at me that I'm just not good enough...I have to do my best to silence it everyday.
My love language is Words of Affirmation...just say nice things to me and I'll be your best friend.
Growing up I dreamt of being a teacher. I was a classroom teacher for 6 years until God closed that door and opened one for me in children's ministry. This is something that surprised me. I love that God is full of surprises.
I love getting lost in a book. Listening to my husband read aloud to me is one of the things that relaxes me most.
You could call me old school...I love checking out actual books from the library, buying CD's, writing my notes on a notepad, journaling on paper and listening to the radio.
I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano.
I enjoy getting dressed up, but hardly ever paint my nails and I have no clue how to really do my hair or make-up for special occassions.
I'm married to my high school sweetheart. We survived a long distance college relationship and I still have a crush on him.
I'd rather wear hiking boots than high heels.
I eat Nutella by the spoonful and don't feel guilty about it.
I have lived in the same state my entire life and have no plans to move. 
My whole world changed for the better the moment I met my son.
I believe in God's deep love for me and for you. After being a Christian for almost my entire life I'm just now truly beginning to understand the depth of this love and how to live out my faith. 
I just tried Chai tea for the first time this year and am making up for lost time.
I'm Type A all the way. I always like to have a plan even on days when we are just hanging out at home. Sometimes it drives me crazy that my mind is constantly on the move.
I am an outfit saver. When I get new clothes I wait until the "perfect occasion" to wear them often meaning that I don't wear them for months. Oops. 
I am super sensitive and feel very in tune with how the people around me are feeling. When I was a little girl I had to have every single one of my stuffed animals on my bed for fear that they would feel "left out." I think this quality makes me a good friend.
I believe hand written notes are one of the most romantic and thoughtful gestures. 
I lack confidence in my self sometimes and allow doubt to creep in, so this activity was a stretch for me, but stretching the mind and soul is good for you. 
 From Tara: We all have different experiences, dreams, testimonies and a story to share with the world, someone-somewhere could be changed + inspired by you, sharing yours. I’d love for you to join us throughout the month of April to share your story, in one post, on Instagram or Facebook, in ten-twenty bullet points using the hashtag #WhatsYourBrew. Strip away the labels and let your light shine. Give the world an opportunity to get a glimpse of your heart, who you are, and what ingredients make up your ‘BREW’ [story].


Kayla MKOY said...

I absolutely LOVE this and see how much you and I have in common now. I'll never get sick of actually GOING to the library and perusing through old books, handwritten notes ALL the way, and hiking boots over heels for sure. I love your kind heart. I was the same way with my stuffed animals as a young girl, and am still pretty sensitive. Which sometimes bites me in the butt, but hey! That's how God made me. Love ya!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Wow! We have a lot in common. As I was reading this, many times I thought, "me too!!!" I am scared of animals! I expect way too much of myself and have been told this by family, friends and even my grad school teachers. I wish we had a love of reading in common! I struggle to read! I think I would enjoy if alan read aloud to me, but he hates reading. I used to love it! I need to get that "lovin feelin" back!

Kelly Fulkerson said...

A while back, Eric was reading Where the Red Fern Grows to me... it was so relaxing that I would often fall asleep mid-chapter and wake up the next morning VERY confused and with minimal knowledge of what had actually happened been read!

Erica said...

I used to have all my cuddly toys on the bed too - it just felt mean to only pick one!

lori said...

aw i love this! we have a lot in common as well... i am completely type A personality, which can be challenging as a mom (especially one who stays at home!) but i like to think that carter is helping me learn to go with the flow a little bit ;)

and i LOVE that your husband reads out loud to you! it sounds so sweet and romantic to me. i've tried to get greg to do that and he never will!

love seeing your relationship with your son... they truly give life new meaning, huh?

Brittany said...

I could respond to so many of these, but the one that most sticks out is you could still learn to play piano!! It's one of my absolute favorite hobbies and the biggest regret of my life (so far) is quitting my lessons earlier than I should have!

Tara Illy said...

You are too sweet lovely! Thanks for participating -- love your answers! The fear of not being good enough resounds in so many of us, including myself! Clearly we know the truth - we just don't really believe it sometimes! ...And Nutella by the spoonful is so divine and healthy right? Nuts are protein and nutella is made from hazelnuts? That's how I justify it ;) Oh and chai tea --- fav! There were many of these things that I nodded my head to! Sending love to you sister! xo

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Girl! You and I are SO alike! I mean, I knew that already, but this post really shows me how many little things we have in common too!

I have that same fear of not being good enough too. And like you, I work hard to fight those feelings and remind myself of God's truth.

I guess I'm old school, too, then! I love reading actual paper books. And listening to CDs or the radio. And of course I love keeping a paper planner as well as journaling. I hadn't thought too much about it, but I guess that does make me kind of old school, haha!

Christopher wasn't my high school sweetheart, but we were high school aged when we started dating (17 & 18) so that counts, right? ;)

I'm so type A too. Christopher has helped me learn to relax with some things, but it's still my natural nature to be type A.

I'm totally an outfit saver too!!

I am super sensitive, too. Empathy comes really easily to me because of that.

And like you, I LOVE hand written love notes! :)