Monday, June 15, 2015

Baby Friendly Popsicles: Avocado & Banana {GIVEAWAY}

Avocado and Banana Popsicles
Now that summer is here I've been trying to come up with some ways to keep Aiden cool on those unbearably hot summer days. I got these Fruitsicle Popsicle Molds to try out and have been coming up with healthy and simple recipes to make into popsicles for Aiden who is 7 months old.

These popsicle molds are the perfect size for creating baby sized popsicles! There are 4 molds and they each hold 1 fluid ounce, which is plenty for a little one who is just starting solid foods! They are easy to fill, the molds snap into place and are easy to remove after the popsicles have been frozen. They are also BPA free and are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. You can purchase your own Fruitsicle Popsicle Molds here or enter for a chance to win a set on my Instagram today over here!

What you need to make Avocado & Banana Popsicles...
(Makes 4 large popsicles or 6-8 small ones)
1 banana
1 avocado
1/2 cup Plain Organic Yogurt
Avocado and banana popsicles
I started by peeling a banana and using my Garden Fresh Mash n' Feed to mash the banana until it was smooth. I then cut the avocado in half, removed the pit, scooped out the insides and used the same process to mash it.
Avocado and banana popsicles
After the avocado and banana were mashed, I pureed them with the yogurt. I used my BEABA Babycook, but you could use a blender as well.
avocado and banana popsicles
Once the ingredients were blended and were a smooth consistency I tasted it (yum!) and then poured the mixture into my popsicle molds.
avocado and banana popsicles
After the molds were filled I snapped on the tops and stuck them in the freezer. I left them in the freezer overnight and they were easy to snap out the next day.
avocado and banana popsicles
Aiden absolutely LOVED these! He gobbled one down and was able to hold his popsicle all by himself. So both the popsicle molds and this recipe are baby approved!
baby friendly popsicle recipe
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I was given these Fruitsicle Molds to review as part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program, but all opinions are my own.


The Heart Of A Woman said...

These look awesome!

Katie said...

LOVE this! Cam will be starting solids soon so I pinned this for later :) thanks girl!!

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Ahh, how cute he is. He looks like he's loving the popsicle - a poster child for the molds!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

My daughter would have loved these as a baby.

Brittany said...

Such a cutie! If only I liked banana, I'd probably eat these myself! ;) Haha...anything avocado. You know how it goes.

Rach said...

Looks like he LOVES it! Way to go! :)