Friday, June 12, 2015

3-6 Month Favorites

Since Aiden is now 7 months old (wait, what?!) It's time to share my next set of favorite baby items. These last few months have been full of new things...teething, rolling over, sleeping in his crib and eating solid foods. Each of these milestones requires some new gear so here are my 3-6 month favorites:

For Teething: All of these items have really helped Aiden who has now been teething for 2 months. Still no teeth to show for it either! Teething toys, drool catching bibs and popsicle molds are all essential in my opinion for a teething baby!

Teething/Nursing necklace
Bandana drool bibs
Nuby 3 Stage Teething Set
Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray

For Playing: Aiden is way more interested in sitting and standing up than laying down so the days of his bouncy seat and swing are on the outs. These items are both great options for my little guy who so badly wants to be on the move!

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper
Any inflatable pool with these balls

For Sleeping: Aiden is still sleeping well and I credit his good sleep to these things!

Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit
Sound machine-I listed a different sound machine in my Newborn favorites post, but recommend this one for overnight because it goes all night long and doesn't turn off after a set time.

For traveling: Since we are on the go a lot more with Aiden at this age these things help us when we are out and about!

Ergo360-We initially registered for a different Ergo carrier, but then later realized it doesn't have the front facing feature so we bought the Ergo360. We absolutely love everything about it and take it with us everywhere!
SkipHop Shopping Cart Cover-Now that Aiden is big enough to sit up and sit in the shopping cart this is perfect to use to keep him secure and entertained. It has spots where you can clip toys and it is so easy to put away and is compact for storing in your diaper bag!

For learning: Aiden is soaking up everything right now so we read to him every single day!
Sandra Boynton books-She is just hilarious. Drew and I love reading these books to Aiden!

For Eating: Aiden is now eating solid foods so these are some things I use to make his food.
BEABA Babycook-Perfect two in one tool for making baby food. It steams and purees!
See this post for other helpful products for making home made baby food.

**Honorable mentions: Baby Einstein Tummy Time Pillow, WubbaNubs, Boogie Wipes, Honest Multi-surface cleaner

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Erin LFF said...

No way do you have a 7 month old!!! So crazy!!! I know I will be coming back to all these posts when my time comes ;)

Rach said...

I used the Snuggli with Mallory when she was itty bitty, but I've heard great things about the Ergo! I need to get out the 360 version! I like the idea of the baby being forward facing as they get older!