Sunday, June 21, 2015

To my husband on his first Father's Day!

Dear Drew,
I always knew you would make a wonderful Dad someday, but I honestly never could have imagined how much more I would fall in love with you as I have watched you fall in love with our son. It is the most special thing and it makes my heart burst with happiness.
When you walk in to a room, Aiden lights up. You know how to make him laugh and smile his biggest smiles. I love that you are not embarrassed to use goofy voices and nicknames for our little guy in any setting we are in. He adores you and I love the way you look at him.
I love that you want to introduce our son to everything you love. Toy stores, book stores, the reptile house at the zoo, searching for critters on our hikes and running through fountains in your clothes with him at his first splash park. Your love for him shines so brightly.
When I have to work on the weekends you take such great care of him. You dress him better than I do, you make sure his diaper bag is always fully stocked and you don't just sit at home. You go out and adventure! You aren't afraid to clean out his ears, clip his fingernails or give him a bath on your own. You want only the best for our little man.
Thank you for taking the middle of the night shifts, for helping me change blow out diapers and laughing about it, for telling me to go take a nap while you take Bubba out to get groceries, for tip toeing around the house while Aiden naps and for encouraging me as I learn how to be a mom. I would be one lucky lady if Aiden grew up to be JUST LIKE YOU.
We are so blessed to have you as our leader through life. Happy First Father's Day to the best Daddy that God could have ever chosen for our Aiden Paul. I love you.


Erin LFF said...

SUCH a sweet post- I teared up a little, I won't lie! :) Aiden is one lucky little guy!

Shelley said...

Love all these precious moments you have captured! And that pic in the flannel made me LOL. That crocheted beard 😂

Rach said...

This is beautiful! Aiden is definitely lucky to have Drew for a dad! Happy father's day to that sweet husband of yours!

Brittany said...

Whoa...cue the water works. My goodness. That last picture is so perfect and I have a feeling you're gonna have a little clone of his dad on your hands!

Devon said...

This post is filled with so much love! It was really nice reading about someone so positive and special in both of your lives. I'm sure this made Drew felt very appreciated.