Monday, October 5, 2015

The importance of GIVING in a friendship

The older I get, the busier life gets and the more I truly appreciate other people's time. The time you give away is truly a gift. As a Mama, my time with my baby and my husband are precious. While my friendships remain very important to me, my time is divided differently now. While I still do my best to have girl's nights and celebrate the important events of my close friends lives, I will admit that I can't give away my time as freely as I once did and I have to choose to be okay with that.

All that being said, it is for these reasons that I truly appreciate when people sacrifice their time to be a part of my life. A few weeks ago my college roommate traveled from Indianapolis with her almost 4 year old and her 7 month old to spend the day with Aiden and I and that meant the world to me.

We ate a delicious lunch outside, walked and played at the park with our boys and then ate ice cream. It was such a sweet day and it made me realize just how much I value my friends and the time they give up to spend with me and my little family. If you have friends like this, treasure them. One way to make any of your Mama friends hearts grow 3 sizes bigger is to make time to get to know their kids and love on them!

How do you invest in the lives of your friends who are Mamas?


Devon said...

Isn't it awesome getting together with old friends now that you both have kids? I love the photograph too.

Jennifer Prod said...

so much truth and wisdom in this post! i recently wrote something similar for PN mag-- it was about my decision to go to the bachelorette party in vegas. in the past, i wouldn't have thought twice, but leaving max and jon for 3 days was a HUGE decision. i went for my BFF and the celebration, but it definitely weighed on my heart. i wish we had 8 more hours in every day so we could do it all (friends and volunteering and hobbies and family), but being a mom truly makes you realize how short each day is. eeek. #foreverseekingbalance

Susannah said...

Yes! Friendships have to be such a choice and have to be worked on, especially as we get older and ESPECIALLY when we become moms!

Rach said...

Aww I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful time together! :)