Monday, October 27, 2014

What to do when you are...OVERDUE

Today I'm officially 41 weeks and 1 day. I am OVERDUE. 

When you find out your due date that date is forever etched in your mind. You see it as an expiration date on food at the grocery store and you get excited, you turn to that week in your planner and you can't believe it's here...then it comes and goes and you are still pregnant. I can't tell you how badly I am aching to meet Aiden, so I have had to distract myself this last week. Here are some things you can do while you wait on your baby to come: (If you are one of us mamas that has to do that!)

-Make sure all your baby's clothes, blankets, burp clothes, etc. are washed, folded and organized

-Wash bottles

-Clean your house from top to bottom or if you don't feel up to it have your Mom or Mother in law do it!

-Keep working. I have been fortunate enough to continue feeling good well into 41 weeks so I have kept working and it helps A LOT!

-If you are planning on having music on while you are in labor, why not make a delivery play list? I've been listening to mine all week.

-Go on walks. I have walked at least 2 miles every day since Aiden's due date. It helps that the weather has been amazing.

-Pack your hospital bag and load it in the car. Make sure your husband packs one too!

-Make some freezer meals. If this is something you just haven't had time for, what are you waiting for?

-Eat spicy foods! Use this as an excuse to not make dinner and go get something yummy. I'm thinking I need to go back to Bonefish Grill to try a second helping of Bang Bang Shrimp...just in case.

-Since everyone and their uncle will be calling or texting you to see where in the heck this baby is, use this time to catch up with people because you probably won't have time once baby comes

-Pick up a good book (that is unrelated to baby stuff) and read it to distract yourself! I finished the 5th Harry Potter and am now half way through the 6th. 

-If you haven't found a Pediatrician yet, use this time to do some research. They will want to know at the hospital who you have chosen. 

-Prepare for any upcoming events you might not have time for. Halloween is this Friday so we went ahead and bought all our Halloween candy, put it in bowls and put up some decorations so we wouldn't be scrambling if Aiden decides to come close to then. My husband would be thrilled if Aiden was a Halloween baby by the way.

-Take naps. At first I was annoyed with people telling me to rest up while I still can, but I know it's true. The last week has been very restful. I've taken more naps this week than I did my entire pregnancy combined. 

-Spend time praying for your baby and your upcoming delivery. I've had some really good chats with God this week. Some of them have ended in tears, but most of them have left me reassured. God's timing is perfect in every way and although I'm anxious it is much easier to trust Him. He's got this.

-Go out to eat with your husband. This is another thing that won't be happening as often for a while plus you don't have to cook.

-Plan a fun day date and make it happen. Don't just sit around waiting for baby. Trust me on this.

-Don't compare yourself with other new the last week, 3 of my friends (all due after me), have had their babies and one is in labor right now. Your baby will come at the perfect time. Just keep telling yourself that.

I am convinced now that no theory for bringing on labor works, your baby will come when they are ready and when God is finished with them. Trust me...I've tried them ALL minus White Castle. I'm sorry, but I just could not do it. Any other suggestions from you mamas out there that had to wait on your little ones to arrive?


Brittany said...

So glad you finally got to Iron's! Fall is officially complete now, right? I'm super fascinated what someone would put on a labor playlist. I have no earthly idea what I would want to hear at that moment. Also, keep plugging away on Harry Potter. So wonderful.

According to Jax said...

I'm curious what's on your delivery play-list??? haha.
Aiden will be here VERY SOON! I'm so excited for you!

Katie said...

Ahhh any day now mama :) So excited for you! I would definitely say walking, bouncing on a yoga ball, and stretching helped me. I went into labor the day after Halloween and I swear it was due to bending over so much (every time the doorbell rang while handing out treats, I had to bend down and pick up Brutus). I think you are right though, they come in their own time. Wishing you the best thoughts for a safe delivery!

Leigh said...

I hope you enjoy last days (fingers crossed) being pregnant and that baby Aiden comes soon!

Anonymous said...

With both my boys I was overdue. I know the feeling. I wish I had read this post when I was waiting! Great suggestions to keep busy.

Hang in there. Soon you will have your baby boy in your arms :)

brittany @ g squared said...

This is great advice! I'm with Katie. Taking EPO and bouncing on the ball I think helped me. Not that it put me into labor, but once I was in labor I think my body was more prepared. Good luck!!

Kaity said...

Aww, you poor thing. You must be getting so antsy! I know you've probably heard this a billion times, but he'll be here before you know it!

Ashley Robyn Photography said...

Aww. Sweet Aiden just ins't ready to meet this beautiful world yet. I am sure you are so anxious to see him and love all over him though. I am glad you are keeping yourself busy friend. You will be extra, extra ready when he decides to make his appearance.

Anne said...

This is quite a comprehensive list... you've got some experience in this category now :) Hope you're able to enjoy some of these last days before life is all about in-person Aiden - good for you two getting out and about so much.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Aiden!! Any day (the perfect day) now.

What's on your playlist? It's so neat to think that you'll always associate those songs with his birth.


Ashley said...

This is a GREAT list. I really hope that I don't have to refer back to it, but I am thankful that you made it. Praying for you and I know God's timing will be perfect!

Rach said...

So glad you have had such a good week. I know it's difficult to wait on him to arrive, but you accomplished so much. And rested. And walked. And prayed. And those are wonderful moments. I'm so glad you've had this week! :)

Susannah said...

I'm so sorry! I'm not looking forward to potentially having to wait like this! I hope you have him today!!!!

A Brew of Blessings said...

Praying for you beautiful!!!! Can't wait to 'meet' him!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

This is a great post! I have a friend who always goes over with her pregnancies! She is on her fourth and wanting this one to come on January 1st but that would be a week early. I'll have to share this post with her. The way you pray for Aiden is such an inspiration!

Legally Lovely said...

You have been suspiciously quiet lately (on here and on instagram), so I have bumped you up on my prayer list in the event Aiden has decided to make his arrival! Thinking of your sweet growing family this week!

Victoria said...

Excited for you!!! The birth experience is amazing!

purpun said...

Sending loving thoughts your way! I'm sure baby boy must be here by now! <3

Mimsie said...

Hope all is well--been checking your blog for the happy news!