Sunday, January 11, 2015

31 Reasons

Today is my husband's 31st birthday and since most of my compliments these days are directed toward our precious baby boy I decided to share 31 reasons I love him and him alone on his big day.

1. I love how much you love me. I could end the list right there.
2. I love how you whistle in the shower.
3. You are an amazing Daddy, even better than I could've imagined or hoped for.
4. I love how your voice changes and your eyes light up when you talk to Aiden.
5. You work so hard every single day. You are an amazing teacher.
6. You are a wonderful cook and never make me feel bad for not cooking enough.
7. You are the most disciplined man I know and have a body to show for it. Ow ow ;)
8. You take such good care of your family.
9. You love ice cream.
10. You never tire of Chipotle (even after I made you eat it on repeat while I was pregnant.)
11. You are fashionable and don't mind coordinating outfits with me.
12. I love that you love to read and bought us his and her book lights.
13. You are so darn handy and help me with all my DIY projects.
14. You love Jesus.
15. You love a good adventure.
16. You do the household chore I hate the most with a smile on your face, vacuuming.
17. You put up with my corny jokes and make me laugh.
18. You are reading Harry Potter and are just as excited as I am about planning a trip to Universal to see Diagon Alley for ourselves one day.
19. You read out loud to me and make sure to change your voice for all the characters.
20. You love hiking and are such a manly man, but your heart is so soft.
21. You enjoy learning and are sharp as a tack.
22. You are a list maker and a list crosser-offer. (Yes, that surely is a word)
23. I can trust you to go to the grocery store.
24. You don't mind having your picture taken, thank you Jesus! You also have an amazing smile.
25. You are an amazing role model for our son and I pray he grows up to be just like YOU!
26. You pray for me and encourage me.
27. Our ideal date night is the same...cuddled on the couch with sushi and Netflix.
28. You watch Survivor with me and have for years and years!
29. You love our cats as much as I do.
30. You have loved me at my best and worst over the last 14 years.
31. You helped make me a Mommy!
Happy birthday to you my sweet husband!


Jen Mc said...

Happy birthday to your Mr.
These are wonderful reasons to love your husband.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

This is so sweet! Yall are a cute couple and you are such a good wife!!

Kaity said...

Aww Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby :)

Jessica M. said...

This is precious!! Happy birthday to your sweet husband!!

Courtney B said...

Oh good grief, this post is way too cute! Such a treasure for your hubs to have! Happy Birthday to him!!

Carrie said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! I can tell how much you love him by this post... so sweet!

Brittany said...

So very sweet. You two are the best! Also, Wheat reads to me and changes his voice depending on the character, too. I love it.

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Happy birthday to your sweet husband! You two are a perfect pair. :)

Also, I hope we can meet in real life someday because you and I would get along great (obv) and I think our husbands would hit it off too! They are a lot alike.

Rach said...

Love love love!! Drew is such a good man! I'm so happy you guys have each other. I love seeing how your love has grown even more since having Aiden! So sweet. Happy birthday to your Drew!

Shelley said...

this is too sweet! happy birthday to drew :)

Elizabeth said...

This is beautiful! Happy Birthday husband!