Monday, January 19, 2015

You know you're a new mom when...

As a new mom there are things you have to figure out pretty quickly. It's crazy how your motherly instincts kick in and things you think you'd never do, you do because you just love your squishy newborn so dang much. So here is a list of things that scream "I'm a new mom!"
You know where all the creaky spots are in the house and you know how to move like a Ninja to avoid them.

You can eat one handed while nursing and making a to-do list all at once.

You can change a diaper at record speed in the dark.

You've mastered the swaddle.

You are often covered in pee or spit up that's not your own.

You cry hearing songs or watching commercials about being a mom.

You could stare at your baby

You start keeping track and become an expert on information like how many ounces of milk you produce each day and how many times your baby has peed or pooped.

Your brain is mush and you often forget or lose things like your car keys. Oops.

You take baby and Mommy selfies just because.
You find yourself sharing pictures and stats of your baby to anyone who will listen.

Your baby's bodily functions are a normal topic at dinner.

You have exposed your breasts in public places (under a cover of course).

You find your baby's "poop face" the most hilarious thing ever.

You find yourself humming tunes and then realize they are from one of your baby's toys.

You find a wet spot on your clothes and immediately wonder one of three things...
Is this pee? Is this spit up? Am I leaking?

You feel like a huge part of you is missing when you go out without your baby.

Jewelry with your child's name on it may have been on your most recent Christmas list.

You thank God daily for giving you such an amazing and precious gift!

Your voice automatically goes up 5 notches when talking to your baby and now it happens when you are having normal conversations as well. You just can't help it.

You have gone back and looked up lyrics of nursery rhymes you forgot.

"Daddy's home!" is your new favorite phrase.

You have 1,000 plus pictures of your baby on your phone and they are all way too cute to delete.

You melt when your baby stares at you.
You have moments when you think "Hey, I've got this Mom thing down" only to quickly be followed by "What the heck am I doing?"

You feel a sense of success when you have sucked boogers out of your child's nose and you may have even given in and purchased a NoseFrida, which you swore you'd never ever do because EW.

You have never gotten so little sleep, yet been so happy in your entire life.

Being a new mom is an adventure. It's part crazy, part hilarious, part terrifying, but mostly pure joy!

New mamas out there...what else would you add to this list?

The Life Of Faith


Kristin said...

This is perfect! As hard and crazy as those early days were, I miss them so much! Enjoy every second.

purpun said...

All of these!

Here are two I discovered last week, while we were out at a nice restaurant with the babe for the first time:

1) Enjoying the presentation of a lovely meal only to be frantically cutting it up into little pieces 5 minutes later so that you can eat one-handed with a baby on your lap.
2) Not feeling stuffed after an 8 oz steak and lobster tail. Dessert please, I'm breastfeeding!

Mimsie said...

I love your list! I like the one about humming a tune and realizing it is from a baby toy--probably the mobile? Your little boy is just adorable.

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Ahhh, I love it!! You are rocking your role as mom! And Aiden is really just toooo cute!!

Susannah said...

♡ yes yes yes!

Anne said...

I love this... and lots of these things are still the case around here, except now Hendrik also shouts "daddy's home!" along with me :)

The Heart Of A Woman said...

This one kills me! I love it! "You find a wet spot on your clothes and immediately wonder one of three things...
Is this pee? Is this spit up? Am I leaking?"

I also count down the hours until daddy is home! I'm not great at multitasking and am still terrified of breast feeding in public, but determined to get over it this time!

Brittany said...

So very precious. But, I could probably stare at your baby all day long and I'm not a new mom! ;)

Rach said...

You are rocking this new mommy thing! :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to EVERYTHING on this list! I'm also no longer opposed to making a scene in a public place to get my baby to smile for a picture (jumping, dancing, baby-talk, clapping...I do whatever it takes)!

Erin LFF said...

I think this means 'signs you are an AMAZING mom' :) That first pic of you two is precious!!

Jen Brown {Baking Baby Brown} said...

I love every bit of this post!! I have to say the "poop face" is my favorite. I think my husband and I laughed for a solid thirty minutes the first time she did it when she was a newborn. We took a picture and still crack up to this day. Your little guy is precious!