Monday, August 10, 2015

Aiden {9 Months}

My baby is now 9 months old. I have carried him in my arms as long as I carried him in my belly and that is just plain crazy and makes me want to cry big old mom tears. This month I truly feel like I've watched my baby start to turn into a little boy. He is throwing things like a boy, grunting like a boy and gets this little sneaky grin on his face when he is up to no good, but I can't help but laugh. He is so stinkin' cute.
This month Aiden has been working so hard to crawl. He gets up on all fours and sticks his but up in the air. He gets one leg going, but then that's it. Then he reverts back to his backward sliding and often ends up under a chair, but I have full confidence that this is the month he will start crawling. He is also pulling himself up on everything and is very motivated by our cat's tails. The cats are in for a rude awakening.
This month was full of firsts especially when it comes to traveling. He went on his first two road trips, one to Yellow Springs and the other to Columbus to visit Aunt Chelsey. He also rode on his first airplane and went on his first sailboat ride!
Aiden continues to be the sunshine of our lives. He is so easily entertained especially by sounds. The ZZZZ sound almost always makes him laugh. I swear the kid just loves to laugh.
He recognizes when his favorite songs come on now and even bops along with them. His favorites are: You are my Sunshine, Thomas the Train theme song and the Daniel Tiger theme song. He also loves listening to Brown Bear, Brown Bear and is instantly mesmerized by that first phrase.
A few stats about Aiden at nine months:

Weight: 17.7 pounds

Height: ?

Size clothes:  9 month and some 12 month

Sleeping: Please take me back to the days when my little guy would sleep for 6-7 hours in a row. I blame the tooth that is about to push it's way through, but I'm praying we start getting some consistent sleep again soon. Let's just say this mama misses sleep. A LOT.

Eating: I am proud to say that I have made it to the 9 month mark and am still breastfeeding. I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments and plan to continue until at least the one year mark. Besides a whole lot of mama's milk he is eating solids 2-3 times a day. His current favorite is oatmeal with berries. 

Random stuff only parents want to know:

Nicknames: Big chunks (Thanks Uncle Arjun), Beebo, Bubba Hunny

Likes: Twirling his hair while he eats, being on vacation, the pool, mega blocks, being read to, pulling the cats tails, riding in shopping carts, growling and grunting, pulling Mom's hair.

Dislikes: Avocado (is he really my child??), teething, laying still while he gets his diaper changed, not eating when we eat.

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I feel like things are about to get crazy this month with a mobile baby...


The Heart Of A Woman said...

He really is so cute! Oh no to the not sleeping! Is the suit not even working now? I just bought one! Briley is getting a tooth too! Teething is horrible! I love the way you have all the pictures side by side! You can really see how much he has grown in 9 short months! They grow so fast! We can't even blink without then growing more!

purpun said...

He really is looking less like a little baby and more like a little boy! In terms of dislikes, oh my goodness we have the same child. But thinking back, I didn't like avocado the first time I tried it either. Hahaha.
Good job mama, your boy is precious!

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Ahh, he's growing up. Looking so toddler and not so baby!

I'm reading Bringing Up Bebe and really liking it. She just talked about how French babies/children aren't as picky as American babies/children and she gives credit to just the consistent manner that the parents try to introduce new foods. So they'll keep bringing avocado (or whatever) in front of the child and not force them to eat it or anything, but after a few times of not liking it, the kids tend to come around to the taste and actually enjoy it. I thought it was interesting because I probably would just chalk it up to, "Well, no carrots!" if my kid didn't like them rather than trying it again.

Kayla MKOY said...

He's growing so quickly!!! So precious!! :)

Brittany said...

Look at that month-by-month comparison! AHHHH! How is he growing up so fast?! As always, he's precious. I was holding out hope he'd come around to avocado...there's still time, right?!

Erin LFF said...

Seriously cannot believe how fast time flies! I feel like you and I were JUST at Chipotle getting dinner (loaded with avocado/guac I might add!) and you were pregnant haha! Aiden gets cuter every month somehow!!!! ;)

Ashley Robyn said...

Sweet baby boy is already 9 months old?! When in the world did this happen? I know that you are loving every minute with him!!

Rach said...

I bet he'll come around to avocado eventually! I can't believe how big he is! I know I say that every time you post one of these, haha!