Wednesday, November 11, 2015

3 things to smile about

Aiden is living out the lyrics "All I Want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" 
ONE. We are heading to Nashville Ya'll! I haven't been in a few years and I'm so excited for Aiden's first Tennessee trip. We are going to visit my sister & brother in law and do some holiday shopping at Christmas Village! Have any of you ever been or heard of it?

TWO. Speaking of Christmas...the holidays are right around the corner and I'm the first to admit that I'm ready to decorate! I want so badly to listen to Christmas music, but I'm holding out. Drinking my Peppermint Mochas makes it tough though. #christmasinacup I have however started coming up with ideas for Aiden's Christmas list (and my own) and I have a special giveaway happening Monday to kick off the holiday season!

THREE. Over the last few months I've spent a lot of my evenings in the kitchen whipping up meals for Aiden. I've spent a lot of time online looking for healthy, baby friendly meals and I've picked a few of Aiden's favorites to share with you. Most of them have been sitting in my drafts folder for months, but I'm trying to be more intentional about blogging so my new series, {Baby Approved Meals} will begin next week!


Brittany said...

#1 thing to smile about? That toothless smile! SO CUTE! Have a great time in Nashville - I love it there!

Rach said...

Hooray for Nashville! We're headed there again in a couple of weeks to see the lights at the Opryland Hotel. Have fun at the Christmas Village!

Leigh said...

Woo hoo for teeth! I'd love to hear more about your meal ideas...I'm struggling lately. Amelia doesn't want to be spoon fed a lot, so trying to find things for her to eat that she can pick up. She currently loves: grapes, sweet potatoes and carrots