Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Traditions I Love (and some I want to start)

Christmas at the Zoo
Our zoo does an amazing job with their Christmas lights display. They turn the zoo into a winter wonderland complete with Holiday cheer for the adults (aka Peppermint Schnopps in your Hot Chocolate). If your zoo has a special Christmas display, go check it out!

Hot Chocolate and a Christmas Light Display
A park near our house always has a light display that you can drive through. Drew and I grabbed Starbucks to sip while driving through and I held Aiden on my lap so he could see all the lights as we drove through. We all loved it! If you don't have a particular place that puts on a light display, pack some hot chocolate and popcorn, get your PJ's on, blare the Christmas music and drive around your city!

Pictures with Santa
Even though Aiden won't remember the last two Christmases on Santa's lap, I just have to take him. There's just something cute (and hilarious) about kids in Santa's lap.

Making Holiday Treats
I love to bake. I love baking even more when it happens with friends. Here are a few of my favorite holiday treats that are tried and true:
Nutella Fudge with Sea Salt
Candy Cane Oreo Cake Balls
Cranberry-Jalepeno Cream Cheese Dip (no baking involved with this one, but it is delicious and the cranberries make it festive! Plus no one else will have this recipe at your holiday parties.)

Christmas Craft Show Shopping

Christmas movie night
This is self explanatory. Gather up your favorite Christmas movies and your favorite people, a cozy blanket and some snacks and watch by the light of your Christmas tree. Some of the movies on my must watch list every year: Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, White Christmas, Charley Brown Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, The Holiday. And let me just throw this one out there...who has seen the movie Prancer?

Spreading the holiday cheer with neighbors
Last year we baked some treats and walked around and delivered them along with a Christmas card to some of our neighbors. It was simple, it was almost effortless and it brought some smiles to the faces of our neighbors.

Sending Christmas cards

Going on a festive date
This year my husband and I planned a holiday date way in advance. We did some shopping, saw the big Christmas tree in our downtown, went out to a nice dinner and saw The Nutcracker. I highly recommend planning a holiday date with the one you love in advance to make sure you actually do it!

Christmas Eve Pajama Party
Every Christmas Eve we have dinner with my in-laws and we get to open a present, our Christmas jammies! I love opening a present early and I love that my mother in law pre-washes them so we can all match Christmas morning. Great photo opportunity right there.

Reading the story of Jesus' birth in bed on Christmas morning
We started this last year when Aiden was itty bitty. There was just something so sweet about being cuddled up as a family and reading about the true meaning of the season. Before any gifts were wrapped or any of the crazy began, it was calm and quiet and I hope to do this every year with my family!

Christmas Breakfast with Mickey
It is a dream of mine to spend one of my Christmases at Disney World. I've heard it's amazing. Until that day comes, my husband and I have a Christmas morning tradition. We make breakfast (this French Toast is the best ever) and watch Mickey's Christmas Carol.

A few traditions I would love to start with my little family...
Visiting the Holiday Train Display at the Museum
Visiting a toy store and letting Aiden pick out one of his gifts
Being intentional about Advent Activities

What are your favorite holiday traditions?


Rach said...

I love this! Christmas traditions are near and dear to my heart so I love hearing about other people's traditions as well. :) We always watch Miracle on 34th Street on Christmas Eve. And then afterward my mom reads The Night Before Christmas to us. To this day, we still do this even though we're all grown adults. We have a lot of other traditions, but those two are probably my favorites. At least for today. ;)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I love your Christmas morning tradition! So cute!

Katie said...

I've seen Prancer! We watch it every year cause it's one of my mom's favorites.