Monday, May 1, 2017

Aiden-isms {Age 2.5}

My biggest boy is 2 and a half today! This age is so much fun. I don't care what people say. I refuse to call twos terrible. Hard? Yes. Do I want to pull my hair out somedays? Yes. But not terrible. Two is a fun age because he is still a little boy who wants to cuddle and love on his Mama, but he is also a big boy with strong opinions and hilarious things to say. I know I won't remember these things if I don't write them down so here are a few Aidenisms I want to remember forever...

He tells us "Merry Christmas!" at bedtime when we are leaving his room. This obviously started around Christmas and has continued and there's no way I'm telling him to stop. :)

If you try to talk while he is playing cars, he will tell, no command you to "Just vroom."

All bugs are lady bugs. Don't even try to argue.

Milk is still "B" and has been since he could first talk. No idea why.

He is great with directions (thank goodness, because I am terrible!) He knows when we are passing the "donut shop" up the street, knows our neighborhood and knows where Menards is (home of the cart escalator that he always requests to "ride.")

He will request to get out of his chair and dance if a song he likes comes on.

Jesus loves me is the only acceptable song to sing before nap and bedtime.

It doesn't matter what month it is, Polar Express + hot chocolate is always acceptable.

His teachers at church call him "focused" aka he wants what he wants. Haha.

Whatever our cat Sawyer does, he does. Let's just call him a copy cat.

He can recite at least 10 Nursery rhymes, Humpty Dumpty being his favorite.

He has the following books memorized and can "read" them aloud to you-Peter Rabbit, My World and Goodnight Moon. He amazes me and absolutely loves to learn!

He loves bath time and always requests to "wash hands in kitchen" after a meal.

No Paw Patrol or trendy toddler show for this guy, he likes the classics. Charlie Brown movies and Mary Poppins are in his top 5.

"Maybe not" is the phrase he uses the most.

His posse of stuffed animals is very specific and is mostly made up of foxes. Only select stuffed animals can be part of the posse. If a stuffed animal is missing or added, he knows it.

He will do almost anything for a cookie.

If he gets a scrape or a bump he runs over to Drew or I and says "kiss it." Then after we kiss his boo boo he instantly says "all better!" and walks away.

I am so proud of my boy and love him with every ounce of me!


The Heart Of A Woman said...

He is so cute! I like that you don't call it the terrible two's! I like this age too. I also like the age Landry is! She can be sassy (I don't like that), but she still cuddles with us! That's funny that he calls milk "b".

Rach said...

I can just imagine him saying "maybe not"... how cute! Really all of this is adorable. This was such a fun stage with Mallory! My favorite thing of all of this, though, is the "merry Christmas" at night time thing. SO cute! I wouldn't correct him either!

Mimsie said...

"Maybe not". That's hilarious.

Jen Mc said...

I can't believe how big he's getting! And those are SUPER funny!

Erin LFF said...

These are all so cute and funny and sweet- love him! :) Saying Merry Christmas before bed is just awesome, never stop doing that Aiden haha!