Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adventures in pet rescuing

My family has always attracted lost animals...I think these animals just know we can't turn them away.  The other day I was out running errands when a dog ran out in the street ahead of me.  I pulled off to the side of the road, turned on my emergency lights and got out to help the poor lost dog.  It couldn't just be a simple rescue she goes.  Being a pet owner I can't give up on a lost I began trekking through the woods and ended up hopping over a creek and crossing railroad tracks to try to help. Every time I got close the dog took off.  THANKFULLY as I emerged from the woods I saw Camp Bow Wow (a doggy daycare I had strangely never noticed before). I was feeling hopeless so I decided to walk in and recruit some help.  A few guys took off to try and round up the dog on the other side of the railroad tracks,which this dog is now trudging along.  I followed the dog for literally a mile or at least it felt that way. Call me crazy, but it was a sunny day and I don't give up easily.  I saw the dog start to slow down and saw my golden opportunity. I started sprinting down the railroad tracks and just imagined myself tripping and breaking a leg while chasing after a lost dog. Haha. I did manage to round up the dog and after giving her a treat we were best friends. Good deed of the day...CHECK.  Why do I do this??? Because as a pet owner I would want someone to be just as persistent as I was with my pet!  And you will never believe what Groupon I had in my inbox when I got home...HALF OFF CAMP BOW WOW. It was meant to be.  Moral of the story: Keep dog treats in your car in case of emergencies.


Ellie said...

and this is one of the many reasons i love you so much.

Megan said...

so i saw that you were a new follower of my blog so i thought i would stop by and say hi!

and then i read this post...and now i think we might be destined to be friends. because not only have i dont similar things for animals, but would have done this exact thing. What can i say? Im animal obsessed. except i would of tried to keep the dog for myself. that might make me an animal thief. but whatever.



Allison said... you too!
Megan, hello! I'm so glad that you understand my animal obsession! I saw your post about your dog Bear. My cat is named Bear. Our blog friendship is meant to be. Haha. I will definitely be stopping by your blog frequently. :)