Sunday, March 27, 2011

A lovely date to the Art Museum

Friday me and that hubby of mine had a date day. That's right a date DAY...I had the day off school so Drew took off and we enjoyed a lovely day together. We had breakfast at Panera then headed to the Cincinnati Art Museum, which is amazing and completely free! They had an exhibit centered around the circus. It had old circus posters and artifacts and it was definitely my favorite exhibit. It made me SO EXCITED for the Water for Elephants movie coming out in April. Yay! We did a little outlet shopping then ate at one of our favorite burger joints where they serve burgers with goat cheese. I'm such a fan! It was so nice spending the day with Drew and it made for an extra long weekend of bliss. If you have an Art Museum in your city they are definitely worth a visit.


Tatiana said...

that sounds like such a fun time! I love art museums!

Kelly said...

A whole day?! And it started with panera? Jealous!