Friday, March 4, 2011

The Story of US (Our love story part 1)

Drew and I in our early years of dating
It was around this time 9 years ago that I met my amazing husband. I love our story and know that it is an example of God's perfect timing. Once upon a time...haha just kidding. (Although our story has been compared to a fairy tale, see if you can figure out the connection...hint below)
Drew and I met in high school so yes we are high school sweethearts *insert awwww here (only 1% of high school sweethearts actually get married or so I'm told) Anyway Drew and I both went to the same high school (and grade school actually) and knew of each other, but had never met. I was a junior and he was a big bad Senior about to graduate. I knew Drew played baseball, he knew I played volleyball etc....but one fateful day our paths actually crossed.  I was staying after school for a study session (probably in Chemistry because I hated it) and was waiting on my ride when Drew whisked by me and out the front door. He had obviously been in the weight room and must have forgotten a gym bag that day because he had an armful of clothes. I watched him walk out to his car and drop something in the parking lot.  He hopped in his tan Blazer and off he went before I had time to yell out that he had dropped something. I figured it was nothing, but went out to investigate. As I got closer I noticed the shiny round face, the sleek wristband, the was his watch!

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The Lady Okie said...

My parents were high school sweethearts!