Friday, March 11, 2011

Kindergarten quote of the week

I am a kindergarten teacher and proud of it. I love kids, but especially kindergartners. They are adorable, they say hilarious things, they are excited about learning and they love you no matter what. Now I have my days when I want to pull my hair out, but overall I'm blessed to have a job that I absolutely love.  Since teaching is a huge part of my life I thought I would add a new element to my blog since kids do say the funniest things.  So here is my very first Kindergarten quote of the week: Enjoy!

To set up the scene for you we are learning about our country so we are currently talking about important historical leaders. Yesterday we learned about Abraham Lincoln...
Me: Abraham Lincoln was the president during a very hard time. He was president during a war in our own country called the Civil War
Langston: I know all about that! Spoons and Forks are all "Civil war"
If you didn't catch it, he was thinking of silver ware. :) Happy Friday!

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