Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pregnancy Files {The Bump Week 36}

{I'm almost caught up on these posts, but am still a week behind!}

Best moment this week: I have two best moments of the week. First, getting to see Aiden at our ultrasound! He's a little peanut and is in the 29th percentile for size so I've gotten to see him two weeks in a row, but he's happy and healthy in my belly so I'm not worried. It was so fun to have an excuse to see him again. He was opening and closing his mouth and his eyes and it made me so excited to hold him soon.

The other best moment was spending time with my sweet family at my last baby shower. It's only fitting we had it at a restaurant called Grand Finale. That's definitely what it was...the perfect ending to a string of amazing showers!!

Food cravings: Do I even need to say it? Chipotle.

Movement: He's still moving around, but mainly only for me. When people want to feel him move he just doesn't, but my sister was able to feel him hiccuping the other day!

Symptoms: I'm an emotional wreck. I cry way too easily especially now that I'm tired all the time too due to restless sleeping and frequent bathroom trips. What a great combination. I cried several times at my last baby shower just because and then when my sister left to go back to Indiana I sobbed. I love her and all, but wow. Thanks hormones.

Nursery: My sister was here visiting this week and assembled all our baby accessories while Drew was at work. She even changed out all our door knobs in the bedrooms that have been sitting in the Lowe's shopping bag for weeks. We are now officially as baby ready as we are going to be around here.

Prayer for Baby
Dear Aiden,
You could come any day now and I just can't believe it. We are so ready to meet you! Your Dad assembled your stroller this week and I love seeing it out and ready for you. The cats might not be ready to share their new room (your nursery) quite yet, but I know someday you will be the best of friends. We are all excited for you to get here!
Your Mama

Dear Lord,
Please prepare me for what you have in store over the next few weeks. It has been so sweet seeing a few of my dear friends become moms over the last few weeks and I can't wait to see Aiden's story unfold. Give me energy to get things done this week and feel ready for when he comes.

Psalm 23:4
"...For you are with me."
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Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Aww you're almost there!

Anne said...

I measured a little small toward the end too and got bonus ultrasounds out of it - when you know everything's fine, then it just turns out to be a perk because you get fun extra baby peeping. And hang in there, he'll be off your bladder soon :)

Kayla MKOY said...

Chipotle!!! Yes! I hope that means your little man grows up to be a chipotle lover ;)

Brittany said...

How sweet is your sister? Also, I cry all the time and constantly want Chipotle, but I'm not pregnant. Probably not a good thing.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I know it stinks to not be able to control your emotions! I'm sorry you aren't sleeping well. I know how that feels too! I keep wondering when my "honeymoon" period will come, but it's not looking good for me! Yay for Alden's due date being so close!

k8te said...

you look adorable! you're so close!! i'm jealous of your ultrasounds, we haven't had one since week 20! glad to hear aiden is doing well in there. and i have the same problem with the baby kick, 'here...feel right here..."... then nothing. now i'm going to tell you something that may horrify you... i.. have never.. had chipotle! i know. i hope we can still be friends ;)

Legally Lovely said...

Awwwww. That is so sweet about your sister and you sobbing. ha. Pregnancy hormones are really kicking in, huh? Brittany beat me to what I was going to say, in that I'm a huge crier all.the.time and could eat Chipotle every day soooooo, safe to say I'll be a pregnancy wreck someday.

Erin LFF said...

YOU ARE SO DARN CUTE, I can't even stand it!!!! :) You have the best family ever- I'm so glad they are spoiling you and Aiden silly, you deserve it!! I hope all your Chipotle eating won't mean you DONT like it after your pregnancy!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I say it every week, but oh my goodness you look so terrific. You are so stylish and gorgeous!!


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

He's a tiny little thing! Glad he is nice and cozy in there and that you get to see him a little extra! :)

Sorry about all the emotions running high. I hope the hormones level out soon!